There’s a hiking trail from Umeå to the lake Tavelsjö, the so-called Tavelsjöleden. The first stop after 5 km is the mountain hut Hampstärnsstugan. Today it opened for the first time this season and served waffles and some other snacks.

While Annika and I had used our new cross-country skis the last days (lightweight, slim and fast) we decided to use our sturdy back-country skis today since we didn’t know anything about the trail conditions.

The trail however was almost perfect, we just had to follow the railway-like ski tracks. We would have been much faster with the other skis, but we just enjoyed being outside and of course the warm chocolate and waffles in the stuga.

While we skied round 10 km, most of the families probably came by car. It was fun to watch the small children on their sledges and toboggans dashing down the slopes, even though we had to jump away several times to avoid collision.

I love being outdoors far, far away from civilisation, but it’s great as well to be able to make such short holiday trips just out of town.

2 comments to “Hampstärnsstugan”

  1. Johanna 2018-01-14 22:40

    Hi Olaf

    sind denn eigentlich 10 km normal für Euch ? Finde das sehr viel !
    Aber die “Ski-Apotheke ” finde ich lustig …viel Spaß bei der nächsten Tour :)

  2. way-up-north 2018-01-17 16:53

    Hej Johanna,

    10 km auf Skiern sind nicht viel, so lange man gleiten kann. Bei Skitouren finde ich 15 – 20 km angenehme Etappen. Viel hängt natürlich vom Wetter und vom Schnee ab.

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