Seljalandsfoss and Glúfurárfoss

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Friday, 31 August

Yesterday Annika and I went into phase 2 of our Iceland holiday. We hired a car for a week. We had booked a VW Polo but we were lucky and got a brand new VW Golf as an update. That’s a great car to drive the 1332 km long Route 1 round the island (and probably some detours). We got our car at 12:30, went shopping and left Reykjavík as fast as possible to follow the Route 1 counterclockwise.

The first stop was at a huge parking place, where you could see the Seljalandsfoss, a 65 metre high waterfall. It is special in the way, that you can go round watch it from all directions. We were not the only ones, hundreds of other tourists went round as well, many of them without proper rain clothes and soaking wet.

A gravel path led to another waterfall, the Glúfurárfoss. It is not easy to reach, because you have to enter a hollow and wade through a stream to get to it. This waterfall may be less impressive in height and amount of water, but the scenery is more special, almost enchanted than the Seljalandsfoss. I was very glad to have not only rubber boots but also my waterproof camera with me, but half of the time I was busy with keeping the lens dry.

2 comments to “Seljalandsfoss and Glúfurárfoss”

  1. Johanna 2018-09-02 20:26

    Olaf , jetzt gib es zu : Du bist doch in Wirklichkeit ein Zauberer ….
    Phantastische Aufnahmen !

  2. way-up-north 2018-09-05 23:28

    Ich ein Zauberer? Definitiv nicht. Aber der Mensch, der Island baute, hat schon sehr viel Geschmack und Phantasie gehabt.

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