A walk in the bog Torsmyran

Annika googled it, then we visited it shortly last Saturday, yesterday I took the opportunity to visit this bog with more time: The Torsmyran Nature Reserve.

The parking place is right next to the E4, 45 km southwest from Umeå. You open a gate (and close it behind you to keep the moose away from the road). Then you walk to a small forest strip and follow a round 100 metres long wooden ramp leading into the bog. The platform at the end of the ramp is raised so you have a nice view over the 8.3 km² large bog.

That’s it.

As long as you don’t dare to enter the bog by foot. At first the bog looks flat, but if you take a closer look you see that there are slightly higher parts, mostly covered with heather. Even pine trees grow here and the ground is safe to walk. Beside of these parts there are large areas covered with peat moss, a sure sign that you will get wet walking onto. Even with rubber boots! And there are depressions. Some are covered with water, others with brown mud.

Is the mud deep? Well, have a look at the next photo:

You see the bit of a stick sticking in the mud? That’s my walking stick that I use when hiking through bogs. It’s two metres long. Without any effort I could stick it into the mud like that. Anyhow it was possible to avoid such treacherous places in this labyrinth of humps and pools, even though I came quite near to take same pictures.

After a while I come to a line of wooden planks. Old wooden planks. Old, half rotten planks with rusty nails looking out. I decide to follow the path. First it is quite easy, but then the planks go submarine. Since both my camera and I myself are packed waterproof I continue. Although the planks were slippery I succeed without taking a bath.

There is a signpost in the middle of the bog, leading to cities and places in the area. Who needs a signpost at such a remote place? Well, winter is coming and the bog will be frozen and covered with snow. Then the whole area is easily accessible by snowmobile. And that’s what the signpost is for: Helping the snowmobile drivers.

I leave the signpost behind and continue the path. Partly the planks lie directly on the mud. *Crack!*. One of the planks breaks under my right foot but still supports my weight. When I come to another watercourse to cross and see the the planks deeply sunken into the water I decide to turn back. This passage looks quite challenging and for a round trip I would have to cross the watercourse again at another place.

Slowly I walk back to the platform at the end of the ramp. I have to zigzag a lot to avoid open water or muddy patches but I arrive. I’m quite wet and muddy from taking some photos. I however already suspected that and have spare clothes in the car and a canister with water for cleaning. And something even more important: Chocolate and something to drink!

Disclaimer: It’s not the first time that I hiked on boggy ground. It needs some experience to avoid the soft patches and knowing how to free yourself when sinking in mud. That’s why I have a long and stable walking stick with me that could support my weight in case of sinking. Take care!







6 comments to “A walk in the bog Torsmyran”

  1. Margrit Schneider 2020-09-25 19:02

    Dear Olaf, very nice photos, but I don’t would enter this part of mud in summer. But you have all to try it !
    Yours Ma

  2. way-up-north 2020-09-26 07:14

    Yes, probably I have to ;-)

  3. Annika Kramer 2020-09-26 08:07

    Und dann ist da ja auch noch diese schöne Rampe, die einen problemlos mitten hinein bringt. :-)

  4. way-up-north 2020-09-26 08:11

    Das stimmt. Die macht es sehr einfach, einen schönen Blick aufs Moor zu haben. Es gibt sogar zwei Bänke.

  5. Margrit Schneider 2020-09-27 23:03

    Ja, Annika, der Steg sieht sehr einladend aus. Also, wenn ich mal wieder dort bin möchte ich da hin.
    Ich denke in diesen Tagen noch mehr an Euch, als sonst schon. Nicht traurig sein, Ihr werdet schon eine Möglichkeit finden, Euch zu sehen.
    Liebe Grüße von Ma

  6. Annika Kramer 2020-09-30 20:24

    Wir können uns jeden Tag sehen, Skype sei dank. Traurig bin ich trotzdem ….

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