It gets even colder

After the first days of the new year with temperatures down to -26 °C it got even colder.

4. January

In the morning temperature is between -26 and -27 °C and despite the weather forecast the sky is clear.

At lunch time I take another promenade along the coast. The sea ice Baltic Sea looks extremely cold due to the frost patterns that cover everything.

In the afternoon it gets colder and in the evening the temperature sinks below -30 °C for the first time. I go out and take a photo of our tree in our garden. It’s the very same tree under which Annika and I got married three and a half years ago – barefooted. Now it is covered in frost and Orion and Sirius are in the sky.

Luckily I have a lot of very warm clothes. To go out I only had to slip into my down suit and my Russian rubber boots, put a hat and woollen mittens on and I won’t freeze at all.

5. January

Twice I was awake and outdoors this night to enjoy the cold air and the starry sky. At 3:18 the thermometer shows -33.4 °C, the coldest temperature ever I experienced being at home!

These days a lot of places experience temperatures below -40 °C and less and many people (including us) have trouble with their cars or heating. Near Arjeplog a guy measured -51 °C with a laser thermometer the day before. That’s exceptionally cold even for Northern Sweden.

In the morning it was time for Annika and me to repeat a known experiment in the cold that we never tried out by ourselves: Throwing hot water in the air and seeing it freezing almost instantly into a cloud of ice dust. While my photos are ok-ish, Annika took gorgeous photos with my Nikon showing me doing this experiment. It works best with temperatures below -30 °C, which we had.

While I write this article in the night to the 6. January it is still cold, but “only” -22 °C. You get used to the cold after some days. And yes – I love these cold and crisp winter days a lot! The weekend will still be cold, then it will get warmer. Much warmer! On Tuesday, four days from now, it may be 40 degrees warmer than yesterday morning with day temperatures round +6 °C!



6 comments to “It gets even colder”

  1. Annika Kramer 2024-01-06 09:25

    Ich LIEBE es!

  2. way-up-north 2024-01-06 09:27

    Du bist nicht allein :-)

  3. Jochen Baumgarten 2024-01-06 09:56

    Olaf, du bleibst deiner Liebe zu frostigen Temperaturen treu. Alles Gute. Jochen

  4. way-up-north 2024-01-08 05:55

    Danke, Jochen!


  5. Andreas 2024-01-09 19:47

    -33 Grad – brrrrrrrr! Und ich finde schon unsere aktuellen westfälischen -5 Grad ganz schön frisch. :-D

  6. way-up-north 2024-01-10 21:23

    Und jetzt war es zwei Tage +5 °C. Und die Wege schweineglatt.

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