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Three weeks in Sweden – some photos 2 comments

Bjuröklubb over night


Midnight paddling


5 × 5 images from a Hurtigruten cruise 3 comments


Cold drizzle and snow on the weekend

Summer weather in Tromsø 4 comments

Tromsøya between the seasons

A day trip to the island Vannøya 4 comments


Polarsyssel in Tromsø (and ice cream)

The first Thursday paddling 2024

Spring winter in Obbola

Spring winter kayaking through the ice. 2 comments

The right timing for a small winter kayak tour

First kayaking 2024

Welcome, open sea


Ski tour in Sweden – from Vistas to Lisas Stuga to Civilisation

Ski tour in Sweden – side trip to Nallo

Ski tour in Sweden – Tjäktja—Alesjaure—Vistas

Ski tour in Sweden – Sälka—Tjäktja

Ski tour in Sweden – Singi—Sälka 1 comment

Meanwhile in Tromsø …

Ski tour in Sweden – Kebnekaise—Singi

Back from a ski tour in the Swedish mountains 3 comments


A nightly snowwalk 2 comments

Almost like a ski tour 2 comments

Wind and weather 2 comments


No paddling in Obbola 4 comments

The sun returns in Tromsø 2 comments

Farewell Obbola 2 comments

An icy yet colourful art exhibition 2 comments


It gets even colder 6 comments

The year 2024 starts cold 3 comments



Two wintry sunrises

Cottage holiday 2 comments

The last way to work by the sea 2 comments

A Saturday “mørketid” promenade 3 comments


An otter at the Telegrafbukta 6 comments

The last sun in Tromsø 2023? 2 comments

From the shadow into the sun 10 comments

A short November promenade 4 comments


Mammals by the sea, snow on the peaks 2 comments

Snowy mountains in the blue hour 2 comments

Lab work 2 comments

The first winter day 1 comment

1 October 2023 2 comments


The last Thursday kayaking 2023

Autumn tour to the glacier Steindalsbreen 2 comments


Thursday paddling around Grindøya 1 comment

A promenade on Kvaløya 2 comments

Tverrfjellet on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Back to Thursday paddling


Polarstern in Tromsø

#escapism – midnight sun at Lyngstuva 2 comments

Everything will be fine

Norrbyskär – after rain comes sun


Cruise leftovers: a seagull, a map and a tiny planet

Travelling from ice to summer

The fourth ice station – orthophoto and ice coring

Polar bear in the morning 5 comments

The third ice station – MSS and SUNA

Midnight sun in the Arctic

Drone flying between ice stations

Ballooning in the Arctic

The second ice station – drone flying and more

Cruise day – bird watching

AO2023 – the first ice station 2 comments

Taking drone photos from the sea ice 2 comments

Breaking through thick ice

Arctic Ocean 2023 I – starting the cruise 2 comments


Arctic Ocean 2023 – prelude 3 comments

Snowy intermezzo

Taking orthophotos on Kvaløya

Kronprins Haakon in between

My first Thursday paddling 2023

A sunny car trip to Jøvik

Tar du vårbilder?


Arctic preparations 4 comments

Tussilago in Tromsø 2023

Winterly Kvaløya

Back to Tromsø

A calm afterwork kayak tour on the Baltic Sea

Tussilago 2023

Like ice in the springtime …

A day cruise to Finland

What a wonderful vårvinter kayak tour! 2 comments

Back in Obbola – 20 hours

Back in Obbola – the shortest ski tour


Moon, Venus, Aurora

Skitour on the Austeråsfjellet 2 comments

12 more photos of Longyearbyen 3 comments

Farewell, Longyearbyen

Colder days in Longyearbyen 3 comments

After work snowmobile tour 1 comment

Guided minibus tour with Magnus 6 comments

Ta sjansen 1 comment

Sol, sol, kom igjen, sola er min beste venn!

Two-day dogsledding tour in Svalbard – ice cave 2 comments

Two-day dogsledding tour in Svalbard – day 2

Two-day dogsledding tour in Svalbard – day 1 1 comment

Adventdalen by snowmobile

A first day in Longyearbyen

Svalbard – arrival

#escapism – microvacation 2 comments


White beaked dolphins 1 comment

A short ski tour to the cabin Trollvassbu

Summer travel plans 4 comments


A starry night 2 comments

Tromsø – waiting for the sun

Coastal walk through the snow

Anticipation is the greatest joy 2 comments

Two weekends in Tromsø

An almost outdoor barbecue on Kvaløya 2 comments

SE—DE—NO 3 comments



The last two kayak tours 2022 1 comment

Break at work IV – skiing through the forest 1 comment

Break at work III – running to Vitskärsudden

Break at work II – ice paddling

Break at work I – island hopping

And suddenly it’s winter 2 comments

Finally it’s sunny again home in Sweden!


From Tromsø to Obbola 2 comments

Jämtland tour 22 – the landscapes

The first winter promenade


Scotland: wetness 1 comment


Scotland: Stac Pollaidh 2 comments

Sleet weather in Tromsø

Scotland: the west coast of Isle of Lewis 3 comments

10 days in Scotland 4 comments

Aurora Lightshow in Tromsø 5 comments

The first frost – hiking tour on the Laukviktinden 2 comments


Thursday paddling – from dusk to darkness

Grønnlibruna and Petterbolhaugen 3 comments

Kayaking into the dark

Autumn colours on the bog 1 comment

Stappen in the autumn 3 comments

Jämtland tour 22 – signposts and waymarks 4 comments

First sign of autumn

Jämtland tour 22 – the glacier of Helagsfjället 2 comments

Takk for turen – Thursday paddling – 8 september 1 comment

Jämtland tour 22 – the trail

Jämtland tour 22 – hiking up the Gåsen

A cloudy hike up the Stor-Kjølen

Jämtland tour 22 – the cabins, part 2 2 comments

Thursday paddling – 1 september 2 comments


Jämtland tour 22 – the cabins, part 1 2 comments

Back from a hiking tour 4 comments

Two mountain peaks at the weekend 2 comments

A new camera 1 comment


Just a hike up the Rødtinden

An intangible longing 10 comments

Hiking up the Nordtinden

Some summer days in Sweden 1 comment


Summer paddling to lunch

Paddling in Obbola

Rekvik – a place to visit again 1 comment

Hiking up the Slåka and Guratinden

Thursday paddling round Grindøya

After work promenade to the Keiptuva


Mountains, sea and midnight sun 2 comments

“Kayak daytrip to Skarsfjord with beach clean up” 2 comments

A sunny ski tour to Bønntuva 2 comments

Just a short afterwork mountain walk 2 comments

17 May aboard the ship Hermes II

Spring day in Tromsø 1 comment

Mai snow in Tromsø 2 comments

A late winter ski tour 4 comments


April snow in Tromsø

The first Thursday paddling in Tromsø

A hike to the Sørtinden between the seasons 3 comments

Farewell winter 2022?


Two small winter paddling tours

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – maps and numbers

White swans in Obbola

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 21: Longyearbyen · time to say farewell 8 comments

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 17 and 18: An incredibly beautiful day on the ice 1 comment

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 14 – 17: Travelling south

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 13 and 14: Polar bear ahead! 3 comments

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 12: ice station on the Arctic Ocean 4 comments

Meanwhile in Tromsø

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 11 · transit to P7

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 10: twice on the ice and a sudden end 1 comment

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 9: P5, the first ice station 2 comments

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 7 and 8: a stormy intermezzo 2 comments

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 6: sailing through the ice 2 comments

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 5: marine fauna · entering the ice · temperature drop 1 comment

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 4: let the science begin! 2 comments

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 3 and 4: transit to P1 5 comments

Polar expedition AeN JC3 – day 1 and 2: Tromsø

Arrival in Longyearbyen 2 comments

Internet is back!


Short sign of life 2 comments

We are on our way 2 comments

Arctic research expedition with the Norwegian Polar Institute 13 comments

Night promenade at Telegrafbukta

Moving – Tromsø style 1 comment

Boat leaving the harbour of Tromviken

Sea ice field work training on the Sørbotn 3 comments

Sea ice field work training – preparations 2 comments

Telegrafbukta in the storm


Oh, what a beautiful sunrise! 2 comments

My first “topptur“

Walk home 1 comment

January sun in Tromsø

I couldn’t sleep 1 comment

I walk to work 2 comments

A winter journey from home to work

Fresh snow in Tromsø

The ice did not last long 3 comments

Four winter days in and round Obbola 3 comments

Kayak in the snow 2 comments

Kayak and ice on the Baltic Sea 2 comments

Happy New Year 2022 2 comments



Sun salutation

Home in Obbola

Cabin days in Christmas time

A cabin named Fredly 1 comment

The middle of the polar night

When a boat take photos 1 comment

Thaw and cloudbursts

Tromsøya crossing in winter 3 comments

Fjellheisen and Fløya 5 comments

Interval training in Vasstrand

Polar light at Friday night 1 comment


Polar light at Tuesday night. 4 comments

It gets dark – it gets bright

Whale watching – second try 1 comment

No whales today 4 comments

Not reaching the top of the Nordtinden 2 comments

Hiking up the Grønnlibruna 1 comment

Tønsnesvarden 2 comments

After autumn comes winter? 2 comments

From autumn to winter – a tour to the Litjeblåmannen 1 comment


Kayaking in the fog 2 comments

Saskarö in the fog

Winter weekend in Kusfors

Morning paddling in Obbola 1 comment

Travelling from Tromsø to Obbola 2 comments

New friends Tromsø 4 comments

Low tide by the sea 1 comment

A short after work tour of the Sørtinden.

A hike round the peninsula Klubben 5 comments


Aurora hunting – failing and cheating

An after-work tour onto the Rødtinden and Storbogtinden 1 comment

A short tour to Sørtinden 3 comments

Telegrafbukta and the first autumn storm

Autumn colours on Kvaløya 1 comment

Tromtinden 2 comments

The first polar light of the season

A hike to the Stor-Kjølen 2 comments

A short and rainy Hurtigruten trip

Grense Jakobselv

Fylkesvei 8100 2 comments


Norwegian summer journey II

Norwegian summer journey I 6 comments

Two photos from a mountain tour

A Saturday road trip

Afterwork car trip 2 comments

Back in Tromsø


Hejdå home office

Cloudberries – a comprehensive guide 3 comments

Tramporgel 3 comments

Three summer days in Råneå 1 comment

A short promenade to a near swamp

The flower thread II – June 2021 5 comments


Great diving beetle 2 comments


The flower thread – April and May 2021 3 comments

Marsh marigold 1 comment

Gratulerer med dagen from abroad

Breakfast to go 2 comments


Another April winter day 4 comments

The first day in spring 2 comments

Tussilago 2021 5 comments

April weather – Olles Spår

April weather – kayaking through the snow

April weather by the sea 1 comment

Spring kayaking – kind of … 1 comment


Black and white weather

The ice is breaking 1 comment

Bjuröklubb today

Kayak – crisp morning – roe deer – crushed ice 2 comments

Psst! My kayak sleeps in the snow!

The last cold morning?

Just a short kayak tour to Bredskär

A shower of soft hail and snow

Opening the kayak season 2021 2 comments

Blue sea again


Look for the rainbow! 3 comments

Home – 4× black white

Drip, drip, drip … 2 comments

Changing plans

Reindeer on the island Obbolaö 2 comments

Outdoor exhibition II 2 comments

Outdoor exhibition 3 comments


From dawn till dusk 1 comment

Three kind moose 5 comments

A clear day at Vitskär

The forest is covered in snow 9 comments

After the snow … 2 comments

Another snow warning level 2 2 comments

Ice fog and hard rime 1 comment

Skiing through the winter forest

Embracing the winter 2 comments

Ski premieres 2021

Fresh snow fell home over night

Heavy wind, heavy snow 7 comments

No winter bath today

Two-digit minus temperatures

Snow covered pine in the noonday sun. 2 comments

Finally winter



Winter bath

Two weekends home in Obbola 8 comments

Two photos of Grundviken 2 comments


An almost normal sunrise 2 comments

I’ll be home for Christmas ♫ 1 comment

Lunch break

Just a detour to work 2 comments

Technique sea kayaking course 2 comments

The day before tomorrow 3 comments

Dark, windy and wet

Full moon night shots 3 comments


October snow in Tromsø 1 comment

Sea kayaking in the dark 3 comments

A Weekend in black and white 6 comments

Winter sneak preview – the first snow hike 7 comments

Winter is coming … in Tromsø …

Tromsø black and white II – shipwreck on Kvaløya 3 comments

Hooooot! Hooooot! Hooooot! 2 comments

Luxury laziness 1 comment

Tromsø black and white I – mountain ranges

The first aurora in Tromsø

My way to work 1 comment

A small after-work promenade 4 comments


A cold bath in Tromsø 4 comments

Flying to Tromsø 5 comments

Bathing gets colder 2 comments

A walk in the bog Torsmyran 6 comments

Kayaking to the Obbolstenarna 4 comments

Fjell and fjäll

Moving things to Tromsø 1 comment


Along the Vildmarksvägen 2 comments

Different ways of kayaking 2 comments

Splendid Sunday sailing 2 comments


Photos in the rain 2 comments

A kayak course by the Umeå Kanotklubb 4 comments

My new work: Overingeniør @ Norsk Polarinstitutt 12 comments


Deer and fawn 4 comments

What is a Muurikka?

Solstice paddling

Midsummer flowers 2020 2 comments

Wintry weekend in June 5 comments


Evening light

Two short kayak tours 1 comment

Farewell Skelleftehamn 4 comments

Two kayak premieres 3 comments

Our house in Obbola – some ships

Our House in Obbola – the neighbours

Vitskärsudden – a short cycle tour with holiday feelings

Obbola – moving in 4 comments



Past – present – future 12 comments

A winter’s comment 2 comments

Farewell winter 2019/20 2 comments


A promenade by the coast 2 comments

Heralds of spring 2020 2 comments

A skitour from cabin to cabin – part 3 8 comments

A skitour from cabin to cabin – part 2 2 comments

Social distancing in Skelleftehamn 3 comments

A skitour from cabin to cabin – part 1 3 comments

Meanwhile in Skelleftehamn 1 comment

Skiing and tenting in Jämtland – part 4 3 comments

Skiing and tenting in Jämtland – part 3

Skiing and tenting in Jämtland – part 2 2 comments

Skiing and tenting in Jämtland – part 1

Back home in Skelleftehamn

Between two ski tours 3 comments


Ferries to the island Norderö 4 comments

On the road IV and V 1 comment

On the road III – Hemavan—Sneringsvika – 296 km 2 comments

On the road II – Jäckvik—Hemavan via Norway – 300 km 2 comments

On the road I – Solberget—Jäckvik – 353 km

Starting my winter journey – Solberget 4 comments

And suddenly I am in Lapland

The last winter photo of Skelleftehamn? 4 comments

Photo art unboxing


ICROSS 3 comments

30 cm snow 2 comments

Order photos as fine art print 3 comments

Sunrise over Gåsören 3 comments

Finally snow! 2 comments

Sea ice by the island Storgrundet 2 comments

Finally it snows again 5 comments

High water level at Storgrundet

A wintry weekend in Saxnäs

Thaw 2 comments



12 + 31 + 29 + 31 + 13 4 comments

Skelleftehamn at night?

#escapism – a weekend on Holmön 1 comment

A morning at the port of Skellefteå 2 comments


Finally it’s snowing again 5 comments

Storing the kayak 3 comments

A very wintry November weekend 5 comments

Redesigning my living room 2 comments

Taking the kayak home 4 comments


Closing the bathing season in Skelleftehamn? 2 comments

Welcome, winter 2019! 3 comments

Greeting the winter – a kayak tour shorter than planned 5 comments

Jetsam at Byske’s beach 4 comments

First ice on the Baltic Sea 5 comments

October snowfall in Umeå

Tyre change 1 comment

Look down and enjoy the autumnal colours 4 comments

Three autumn colours of the ground 4 comments

Four variations of autumn 4 comments


Gåsören – 4 wave variations 3 comments

The first frost 2 comments

Mushrooms at eye level 4 comments

Open house day at Polarforskningssekretariatet 2 comments


Cycling home

Another kayaking

Lighthouse day on Gåsören 3 comments

A marvellous bathing place 7 comments

Day 24–26 – a detour to Norway and travelling home 3 comments

Back home 3 comments

Day 23 – travelling north again 2 comments


Day 20–21 – Småland again 1 comment

Day 19 – +30 °C 3 comments

Day 15–18 – Meanwhile in Sparsör … 3 comments

Day 14 – Eksjö 2 comments

Day 13 – sailing

Day 11 and 12 – Figeholm and Kalmar 2 comments

Day 10 – leaving Skåne 2 comments

Day 9 – Ystad and Österlen 3 comments

Day 6 – Finjasjön 4 comments

Day 5 – Götaland

Day 4 – a day on the ferry 2 comments

Day 3 – a day in Turku 5 comments

Starting the summer holidays 2 comments

A kayak trip shorter than expected 2 comments


White nights 3 comments

Two summery macro-shots

Fog in Skelleftehamn 2 comments


Colours above the Luleälven 3 comments

Two ways of paddling 3 comments

A 2019 winter retrospect

Winterly Tromsø in May 4 comments

From Haparanda to Tromsø through the bus window 3 comments


Opening the kayak season 2019 5 comments

Spring sprint

Boats between ice and water

Sea ice in April 1 comment

Tussilago 2019 2 comments

#escapism – an overnight stay on an icebound raft 2 comments

Extreme low water in Skelleftehamn 2 comments

Four days in Österbotten 2 comments

By ferry to Vaasa 2 comments


Late March at the coast 3 comments

A view from the rock dump 4 comments

An almost secret world of ice 5 comments

Just a short walk to the seaside of Storgrundet 3 comments

Closing ceremony of the Ice Swimming World Championship in Murmansk 2 comments

The lake Semyonovskoye in Murmansk

March snow at the coast 2 comments

The 3rd Ice Swimming World Championship in Murmansk 3 comments

March snow in Skelleftehamn

3rd Ice Swimming World Championship in Murmansk – preparations 2 comments

Redex 2019 – side dishes

A trip to Murmansk with Barents Press 1 comment

Midsummer on Saltkråkan 2 comments

Skiing from Syter Fjällstuga to Umasjö 7 comments

Skiing from Viterskalet Fjällstuga to Syter Fjällstuga 2 comments

Skiing from Hemavan to the Viterskalet Fjällstuga 4 comments

Back home

Sjona, Helgelandkysten 3 comments

Last preparations 3 comments

Old ice, new ice


Last day of February – farewell sea ice 1 comment

Last day of February – polar light

Kågnäshällan – between land, ice and sea

Late April weather 3 comments

Farewell winter 2 comments

No kayaking today

Meanwhile in Skelleftehamn – snow and sea ice

Travelling to Kirkenes and back

Travelling with the MS Lofoten: Stamsund – Trondheim 1 comment

Travelling with the MS Lofoten: Øksfjord – Stamsund 8 comments

Travelling with the MS Lofoten: Kirkenes – Øksfjord 2 comments

Boarding the MS Lofoten 4 comments

Inside the Snowhotel Kirkenes 4 comments

Snowhotel Kirkenes – dogs 5 comments

A lake named after Anders 3 comments

A snowshoe tour over the snaufjell 2 comments

Going by snowcat 1 comment

Three ships in Kirkenes 2 comments

MS Spitsbergen 4 comments

Travelling to Bjørnevatn 2 comments

Light pillars and northern lights in Bjørnevatn 2 comments

Berg near Bjørnevatn near Kirkenes

Stopover in Bjuröklubb 1 comment

A sunny ski tour on the Baltic Sea 3 comments

Snowy night, snowy day 3 comments

The ice road in Avan 3 comments


#escapism – skiing through the landscapes 3 comments


Rime at the Bergsbyn dam 5 comments

Lunar Eclipse 4 comments

Welcome to my icy world 7 comments

Kayak season is over

Two winter activities 3 comments

Two sides of photography 3 comments

Snow in Skelleftehamn 1 comment

Cross-country skiing – part II 1 comment

Cross-country skiing premiere 1 comment

Where is the snow? – part II 7 comments

Where is the snow? 2 comments

Ship approaching in the sunrise 2 comments

Ice floes at the beach of Byske 1 comment

Steam locomotive in Kusfors 1 comment

New Year walk 2 comments



Snowshoe tour on the Vyöhtjage 1 comment

Where is the pack ice? 4 comments

Pack ice at the dead of night

And the snow? 3 comments

Ice between mainland and the island Norrskär

Mirages, vintervägg and sea smoke 1 comment

Early winter Holmön IV

Early winter Holmön III

Aurora manufacturing 2 comments

Early winter Holmön II

Early winter Holmön I 3 comments

Gåsören at daybreak

10 cm of wet snow

Finally it’s snowing 1 comment


Grey November 4 comments

Pancake ice on the Kalmholmsfjärden 9 comments

Zooming into the ice 8 comments

Moonset over the lake Svesviken 1 comment

Closing the kayak season 2018 9 comments

Finally a bit of frost 3 comments

“Vargavinter” 2 comments

Sauna raft in Bureå 1 comment

November tristesse 5 comments

Autumnal winter bath 5 comments

A short kayak tour 3 comments


Jogging through Skelleftehamn 2 comments

Almost like winter … 3 comments

What a difference four days make … 3 comments

Nordis 6/2018 9 comments

Slowly it gets colder 2 comments

Almost like summer 9 comments

No, it’s not winter yet, but … 5 comments

Autumnal high water 2 comments

Another frosty morning 2 comments

Autumn, meet winter 5 comments


Far and near 3 comments

Upside down photos from an autumn promenade 3 comments

The first frost

An autumn morning in Skelleftehamn 6 comments

Foggy Skellefteälven 5 comments

“50 Shades of Red” 8 comments

A herald of autumn 3 comments

Visst är det kul att skotta snö! 5 comments

Missing Iceland article II – the cars 3 comments

Missing Iceland article I – Reykjavík 4 comments

Faroe Islands and Shetland above 2 comments

Keflavík – filling the car in stormy wind 1 comment

Sæberg – Hólmavík – Ólafsvík 1 comment

Bathing in Sæberg 3 comments

Jökulsá á Fjöllum 2 comments

From Reyðarfjörður to Kópasker 7 comments

Polar lights above Kópasker 5 comments

Through the windscreen 2 comments

From glaciers to the East Fjords 1 comment

Black beaches and glaciers 1 comment

Seljalandsfoss and Glúfurárfoss 2 comments


A special place in the Highlands of Iceland 1 comment

Icelandic letters 6 comments

Hveravellir 2 comments

From Reykjavík to Hveravellir – 10 + 1 photos 4 comments

Landmannalaugar 5 comments

Flying to Iceland 5 comments

Travelling to a new country 17 comments

Another bath in Storgrundet 6 comments

Eternal winter in Skellefteå 5 comments

Two more animals from Holmöarna 4 comments

A two-day journey to Stora Fjäderägg 3 comments


From the #archives: winter season

Mårdseleforsen 6 comments

Finally rain has come! 8 comments

My house has got a new coat of paint 15 comments

The wrong lens 7 comments

SSL 2 comments

Heat wave 6 comments

Ships on the horizon 3 comments

#escapism – kayaking to Gåsören 1 comment

A mountain tour in Arvidsjaur 11 comments

Purple clouds 1 comment

Summer holidays 4 comments


Company car 4 comments

Midsummer impressions 2018 6 comments

The shortest night of the year 7 comments

The first paddling 2018 3 comments

A rare weather phenomenon … 2 comments


Waves on the lake Falkträsket 11 comments

3×2 weekend images 5 comments

Hedgehogs in the backyard 4 comments

Clearing snow in May? 1 comment

Opening the bicycle saison in Skellefteå 8 comments

Lazy sightseeing in Visby 3 comments

The island Fårö 7 comments

Some thoughts about e-bikes

Three bicycle tours on Gotland – Wednesday 2 comments

Three bicycle tours on Gotland – Tuesday 3 comments

Three bicycle tours on Gotland – Monday 3 comments

First impressions of Visby, Gotland 8 comments

Ice report 5 May 2018 4 comments

Snow report May 4 2018 4 comments

Skellefteälven in the fog 5 comments

Valborgsmässoafton 2018 2 comments


Spring birds and spring flowers 4 comments

The ice weakens 8 comments

Ice fishing in Skelleftehamn

Tussilago 2018

Holes in the ice 2 comments

The first rain for ages 8 comments

The river Skellefteälven today 2 comments

Between the seasons

Spring is postponed 2 comments

Small tortoiseshell 4 comments

White-tailed eagle 2 comments

Breaking the spring ice 4 comments

Period of fine weather 2 comments

3× black and white 9 comments

Skitour to Bergskäret 2 comments

Travel remainders 2 comments

Roof avalanches 4 comments

Ships in Skelleftehamn

Ongoing winter 3 comments

Snowmobile tracks 3 comments

The climate shift is there! 11 comments


#escapism – an icy camp site 8 comments

Mountain hares in the night 9 comments

Winter is not over 2 comments

Sunrise over Bredskär 3 comments

Beginning of spring 2018 3 comments

A ski tour in the Kvikkjokk mountains – day 7 to 9 6 comments

Båtsfjord – Ørnes by Hurtigruten 3 comments

A day in Båtsfjord 6 comments

Back home again 5 comments

Why travelling in Northern Norway can take time 2 comments

+++ breaking news +++ aurora on the Hurtigruten +++ 4 comments

Kjølnes Fyr

Stopover in Kongsfjord 3 comments

Hurtigruten in Berlevåg

Over the kalfjell to Berlevåg

The Sea Sami Collections in Byluft 2 comments

Farewell Ekkerøy

A skitour near Ekkerøy 4 comments

Ekkerøy and Nesseby 4 comments

Reindeer at the Barents Sea 2 comments

Eight times Ytre Kiberg and around 4 comments

A tour to the easternmost point of mainland Norway 2 comments

Travelling to the Varanger peninsula 1 comment


A trip to Murmansk – trip home 5 comments

A snowshoe promenade 3 comments

Meanwhile in Kirkenes … 2 comments

A trip to Murmansk – day two 8 comments

A trip to Murmansk – day one 4 comments

A trip to Murmansk – prelude 4 comments

A ski tour in the Kvikkjokk mountains – day 5 and 6 3 comments

Crossing three borders 1 comment

A ski tour in the Kvikkjokk mountains – day 4 2 comments

A ski tour in the Kvikkjokk mountains – day 2 and 3

A ski tour in the Kvikkjokk mountains – day 1 13 comments

Out-of-office message 2 comments

A cold and crisp winter day

A short tour onto the hill Solberget 1 comment

Jokkmokk Winter Market – details

Impressions of the Jokkmokk Winter Market 3 comments

Jokkmokk Church 1 comment

A starry night at Solberget 5 comments

Winter journey 2018 3 comments


That arctic feeling 10 comments

Waiting for the roof box installation 2 comments 10 comments

Changes in the winter weather 4 comments

3× winter coast 5 comments

Varning! Isvak! 2 comments

Checking the winter …

Frosted pine 3 comments

Hampstärnsstugan 2 comments

Sunnanvik at dawn 8 comments

Blue hour – golden hour 3 comments

Coastal icicles 4 comments

The Baltic Sea freezes over



Pancake ice at Bettnesand 5 comments

Winter solstice 2017 5 comments

Wintry still live at the coast

Cross-country skiing day 2 2 comments

Opening the skiing season 2017/18 2 comments

Winter is just some miles away … 4 comments

A clear winter morning at Långhällan 4 comments

Wintry impressions from Sandängesstranden 4 comments

Testing my new Tamron Telephoto lens 2 comments

Dreaming of snow … 3 comments


The river Umeälven freezes over

Stormy farewell 8 comments

Lagom winter

A short visit at the coast

The first cold and sunny days 2 comments

Kayakvideo – my thing – winter kayaking in Skellefteå 2 comments

Late autumn paddling

Freezing over again

Retrospect: a rainy autumn 2 comments

Wintry day trip to Vindeln 5 comments


Freezing over

The autumn leaves …

Wet snow and slush

A first glimpse of winter 7 comments

∞ Infinite rain ∞ 3 comments


Autumn northern light above Skelleftehamn 3 comments

Autumn in Skelleftehamn

Ships and boats in Skelleftehamn 1 comment

Fly agaric 3 comments

The cranes gather

30 August: Kungsleden day 11 – Abiskojaure—Abisko (15 km) 5 comments

29 August: Kungsleden day 10 – Alesjaure—Abiskojaure (7+15 km) 2 comments

28 August: Kungsleden day 9 – Vistas—Alesjaure (18 km) 4 comments

27 August: Kungsleden day 8 – Nallo—Vistas (9 km) 6 comments

26 August: Kungsleden day 7 – a resting day in Nallo 5 comments

25 August: Kungsleden day 6 – Sälka—Nallo (10 km) 2 comments

24 August: Kungsleden day 5 – Singi—Sälka (12 km) 2 comments

23 August: Kungsleden day 4 – a resting day in Singi

22 August: Kungsleden day 3 – Kaitumjaure—Singi (13 km) 2 comments

21 August: Kungsleden day 2 – Teusajaure—Kaitumjaure (9 km)

20 August: Kungsleden day 1 – Vakkotavare—Teusajaure (16 km) 2 comments


Three trips round Tromsø 6 comments

Rainy Tromsø impressions 2 comments

Travelling to Tromsø 2 comments

Vampires of the North 4 comments

Summer in a nutshell 2 comments


Summer experience – a bicycle tour in 7+1 chapters 6 comments

It’s summer

Sundew 2 comments

Back from the tropics 4 comments


Opening the “no-ice” kayak season 4 comments

From winter to summer in seven days. 4 comments

Wonderful rain 2 comments

103rd February 2 comments

Well, Spring, we’re waiting …

Moonrise over Gåsören 2 comments

Late spring snow 2 comments

A short look at Storgrundet 1 comment

Returning home

Abroad north – climbing the mountain Roßkopf 4 comments


Valborgsmässoafton abroad 6 comments

Spring birds 2 comments

April weather – part 3

Packed ice on the Baltic Sea

Happy Easter! 7 comments

April weather – part 2

April weather 2 comments

Tussilago 2017 – one day later 4 comments

The last days of ice fishing 2 comments

Tussilago 2017 10 comments

Early April weather (a short log book)


The Baltic Sea is open

Ice fishing in Skelleftehamn

Visiting the “Vindelälvsdraget”

A short detour near Ånäset 2 comments

Sunny morning at the coast

Three times outdoor barbecue

Mountaineering in Skelleftehamn 2 comments

Skiing from Skelleftehamn to Skellefteå

Purple sunrise over the Baltic Sea in Skelleftehamn

Home again 2 comments

Winter on the Vesterålen 6 comments


Two days on the Hurtigruten

The Varanger Peninsula

Sjøsamisk Museum

4×4 winter impressions of Kirkenes 2 comments

Definitely a seal

Crossing and not crossing borders 2 comments

Frozen birch leave on the Baltic Sea 1 comment

Slippery When Wet

Winter Swimming World Cup and Scandinavian Championship 2017 3 comments

Light snow fall in the sun

Another wintry sundown

Four images from the coast of Kågnäsudden


Winter Paddling

Longing for snow and wintriness

Maybe a seal? 2 comments

Sport 6 comments

1000-tals lyktor 3 comments

The day after high water level

A wet business 7 comments

The Baltic Sea freezes over 3 comments

More winter

The first days of new year 4 comments



The last polar lights 2016

Christmas promenade 3 comments

Merry Christmas! 3 comments

Midwinter 2 comments

New money 2 comments

Drifting ice on the bay Kallholmsfjärden 2 comments

Snow fall at Solberget 8 comments

Morning at the wintry Baltic Sea 5 comments

Four icy points of view 2 comments

Orange is the colour of the sea

Saint Nicholas Day 2 comments

Pancake ice

The Sunmountain 8 comments


#snowember16 – retrospect 2 comments

Frost 2 comments

Winter by the sea in a nutshell 1 comment

Kayak – is it a boat or a sledge? 3 comments

A bit of cold 2 comments

#snowember16 – part VI 4 comments

#snowember16 – part V 2 comments

#snowember16 – part IV 2 comments

#snowember16 – part III 2 comments

#snowember16 – part II

#snowember16 – part I 6 comments


The first snowfall 4 comments

Taking advantage of the sun 3 comments

Micromountains 2 comments

The grey side of autumn 5 comments

The first ice blanket

Kp 6-7

Kayaking in the sunrise 4 comments

Back to Sweden 4 comments

Boat bridge by day and night (featuring Aurora) 2 comments



Jämtland hike part III: back to Sweden and finishing the tour

Meanwhile in Skelleftehamn …

Jämtland hike part II: hejdå Sweden, hei Norge!

Jämtland hike part I: Storulvån—Blåhammaren 2 comments

Starting this autumn’s hiking tour 6 comments

ɥʇnos uʍop ʎɐʍ – part II 7 comments

ɥʇnos uʍop ʎɐʍ – part I 3 comments


Just before sunrise 4 comments

The first polar light of the season 2 comments

A cruise from Skelleftehamn to Bjuröklubb 1 comment

A weekend in the Skuleskogen National Park 2 comments

Noctilucent clouds 6 comments

Picking cloudberries

757.5 – from Mosvik to Skelleftehamn by car 2 comments


A trip above the treeline 4 comments

Moon jelly 2 comments

Sweden blue, Norway grey? 2 comments

Balloon hunting 6 comments

Summer in Skelleftehamn 2 comments

Sunset kayaking 3 comments

Norrbyskär – Sweden in a nutshell 3 comments

Beach pea 4 comments


Midsummer sunset 6 comments

Summer solstice – “night shot” in Skelleftehamn 9 comments

Boat in the forest 2 comments

Autumn colours 1 comment

Cottongrass in full bloom 6 comments

Mud walking 3 comments

Yes, we have beaches! 2 comments


View from Odenskrapan

Second kayak tour 2016

Marsh-marigold – one of my favourite flowers 5 comments

20 km south, 40 years back 2 comments

Art, sound, and spring flowers 3 comments

Sunset over the bog

A weekend in Söråsele – rich in variety

Furuögrund 2 comments

Walpurgis Night


Two images of the lake Snesviken 2 comments

“A spring day in Skelleftehamn” 3 comments

Old ice and new ice on the lake Snesviken

Between ice and spring

Cold, clear and crisp 2 comments

Blue sky, blue sea – opening the kayak season 2 comments

Subaqua lingonberries

A wet walk west from Ersmark

Ice floes at Strömbäck-Kont

Farewell, winter

Between Norsjö and Umeå – between winter and spring


The ice weakens

A day trip in direction Lapporten

Torneträsk and Port of Narvik 4 comments

Långhällan again

First day of spring 3 comments

Magnitude 4.3


Serenity 4 comments

Thaw 2 comments

Colourful sunset

Vårvinter 2 comments

Kungsleden: returning to civilisation 4 comments

Already spring or still winter? 6 comments

Kungsleden ski tour: Tjäktja 3 comments

Kungsleden ski tour: Sälka 5 comments

Kungsleden ski tour: Singi – from blizzard to clear sky 2 comments

Kungsleden ski tour: From Nikkaluokta to Singi 3 comments


Back from a ski tour on the Kungsleden 3 comments

Just a photo through the window 3 comments

About a tough women

Snow covered boat

Winter Swimming World Cup and Scandinavian Championship 2016 1 comment

The snow returns 1 comment

No sun today 2 comments

Good morning February – sunrise over Gåsören 7 comments


Crystal Skye 4 comments

Icicle tree – a short trip to Holmsund 2 comments

Short trip to Bjuröklubb 4 comments

Winter tree 2 comments

Just a little ski tour 4 comments

A little expedition to the island Gåsören 14 comments

The light, the light, the amazing light 4 comments

Sea ice up to the horizon 2 comments

Low water

Bad luck, good luck! 7 comments

Colourful frost and sea ice 5 comments

Dreamlike Gåsören 4 comments

The last kayak tour?

Hunting the cold – appendices 6 comments

Hunting the cold – day #2 8 comments

Hunting the cold – day #1 2 comments

Winter sea 5 comments

Lake-effect or not? 1 comment

Being honoured by winter

2016-01-04 Filchos AB

South from Umeå I – Norrmjöle 2 comments



A short trip to Arvidsjaur – Dessert 4 comments

A short trip to Arvidsjaur – Main course 2 comments

A short trip to Arvidsjaur – Starter 3 comments

Christmas Sea 9 comments

Christmas flood 4 comments

In between the seasons 2 comments

Another polar light 2 comments

Långhällan – some kind of another world 3 comments

The first winter day in Skelleftehamn 8 comments

Falkträsket 5 comments

Flood along the Skellefteälven 2 comments

Räven raskar över isen 5 comments

Spying the land 5 comments

Areas of water 2 comments


Hello Winter – good bye winter 3 comments

Winter journey in a nutshell 5 comments

The (almost) first snow in Skelleftehamn 4 comments

Another small step winterwards 5 comments

Another aurora 4 comments

A foggy day in Skelleftehamn 4 comments

Strange skies 3 comments

Good morning, 3. November

Waxwing – Seidenschwanz – Sidensvans 2 comments


Freezing over – day three 4 comments

Freezing over – day two 4 comments

Late October sunrise 1 comment

Autumn coloured rosehips 2 comments

Another frosty morning 4 comments

Two sides of an autumnal morning 9 comments

Scandinavian luxury – I 8 comments

The first frost 2 comments

Chilly evening on Bastuholmen 1 comment


Total lunar eclipse 5 comments

Some kind of autumn 2 comments

From Nallo to Vistas, Alesjaure, Abiskojaure and back to civilization 13 comments

Aurora – just for the records …

From Singi to Sälka and Nallo 4 comments

From Kebnekaise Fjällstation to Singi 3 comments

From Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise Fjällstation 2 comments

Back from Lappland 4 comments


Three weeks ago: Beautiful light on the lake Göksjön 3 comments

Packing for the fjäll 10 comments

Tour planning 12 comments

An overnight stay on the island Gåsören 10 comments

Halo over Skellefteå 5 comments

Cloudberries – the gold of Lapland 8 comments

For the longhorn beetle enthusiasts …

Continuing to the Vesterålen 2 comments

From Å to Rystad 5 comments

On the way to Å 2 comments


A hike and three tests 2 comments

A curious squirrel 6 comments

Umiak I 3 comments

Two images from the lake 8 comments


Sundown splash 5 comments

Storberget 2 comments

Midsommer colours 3 comments

Almost like summer 11 comments

Dreaming in cardinal directions 6 comments

Submarine flower 1 comment

Sundown at Långhällan 6 comments


A short trip to Umeå 4 comments

Travelling back in time 6 comments

Some images of a short kayak tour 2 comments

Nu grönskar det … 2 comments

Paddling round Storgrundet

Sunset over Snesviken today 8 comments



Asia Zircon I

A small sightseeing tour in Norsjö kommun 10 comments

Five years in Sweden!

Two months ago – first aid course in Solberget

Deforestation in Skelleftehamn 8 comments

And the snow? 3 comments

Perfect laziness 7 comments

30 Minutes Winter

Yes, we can waves 2 comments

A short kajaktour to the island Norrskär 3 comments

Cross-country skiing in Äkäslompolo – part two 3 comments


Cross-country skiing in Äkäslompolo – part one 2 comments

Greetings from Kittilä airport 3 comments

Sun rise 5:16 5 comments

Sun down behind the ice encircled old pier 2 comments

Watching the solar eclipse 4 comments

The best open air cinema ever 7 comments


Nordkalotten 2015 – final review 4 comments

Nordkalotten 2015 – the weather

Links to my journey “Nordkalotten 2015”

Opening the kayak season 5 comments

Nordkalotten 2015 – the animals 4 comments

Home in Skelleftehamn 2 comments

Nordkalotten 2015 – the journey in numbers 5 comments

Home again

Kirkenes: A night in the snow hotel 7 comments

King crab fishing 6 comments

A first day in Kirkenes 2 comments

Honningsvåg – Kirkenes 4 comments

Finally: The North Cape 5 comments

5000 km 3 comments

Hammerfest and Honningsvåg 7 comments

Purple sandpipers 3 comments

Ascent of the Komsa 2 comments

Through the Finnmark to Alta 5 comments

On my way to Northern Norway


A day trip into the valley Vistasdalen 4 comments

Låktatjåkko – between ski tour and luxury 6 comments

Lapporten – Fire and ice

Riksgränsen – not my cup of tea 6 comments

A ski tour near Tornehamn 4 comments

A week on Solberget in Swedish Lapland 2 comments

The Arctic SnowHotel 2 comments

Loma Vietonen – a special place 10 comments


Leaving the comfort zone 8 comments

Where to go? Undecided yet …

The storm arrives 2 comments

Jokkmokks marknad 6 comments

Planning for the next seven days. 8 comments

Murjek: Through the forest, over the bogs 2 comments

Winter wonderland 5 comments

Nice evening in Kurravaara 3 comments

Small battery – big trouble 2 comments

Abisko: Where are the mountains? 6 comments

Abisko: White snow, white sky 2 comments


Retrospect one 5 comments

Abisko: A first small ski tour 3 comments

Over the storm-beaten Norwegian fjell 6 comments

Tromsø: At the shore 6 comments

Blackout 2 comments

Tromsø: In the mountains 11 comments

A day in Tromsø 3 comments

Car trip to Tromsø – partly nightmare, partly relaxation 7 comments

Weather changes 3 comments

Back to Haukenes 8 comments

Whale watching in Andenes 16 comments

The first polar light 6 comments

A first mountain hike 6 comments

Two images of today 6 comments

Arrival in Haukenes and greeting the sun 8 comments

From Sweden to Norway 6 comments

Reindeers – many, many reindeers 6 comments

Starting the journey 7 comments

Just testing the travel computer 4 comments

T minus 35 hours 7 comments

The magic ice world 8 comments

Winter intensifies 5 comments

Just a normal winter 2 comments

At high watermark 5 comments

Postponement 7 comments



Longest night in Skelleftehamn 2 comments

Shortest day in Skelleftehamn 6 comments

108 free days 3 comments

Your mileage may vary 2 comments

Déjà vu 4 comments

Roller coaster weather 4 comments

Ice und sun from two weekends 8 comments


Preparatory consuming 4 comments

Hoar frost – yesterday and today 4 comments

Sunrise colours 2 comments

Two millimetres snow 2 comments

Ice pears and frozen splashes 8 comments

Northern lights and truthfulness 7 comments

Ice fishes, a deadly meteorite and an almost secret cave 7 comments

Wintry moods round Norsjö 2 comments

What a Diff’rence a Day Makes 9 comments

The ice castle of the snow queen? 7 comments

From bed to sun rise in 11 minutes? 2 comments

Day and night boat 2 comments

First onset of winter? 4 comments

Kajak home 2 comments

November: sun and ice 11 comments


Just testing the new Nikon 35mm f/2 AF-D 5 comments

Market in Byske 4 comments

Bog colors

The illusion of winter 6 comments

Sunday rain and wet snow 6 comments

Breaking the ice 7 comments

Faint polar lights 1 comment

The first ice on the Baltic sea 2 comments

Freezing over 3 comments

Two cloud shots in the morning. 2 comments

Autumnal kayak tour 2 comments

Fly agaric 2 comments

Looking through the window 4 comments

Étude – making photos at the rocky shore 11 comments

Autumn colours round the corner 5 comments

Swedish sports? 4 comments

Two early shots at the seaside 8 comments


Two snaps in the autumn morning 5 comments

More planning 10 comments

“Nordkalotten 2015” – The plan 17 comments

About the technique 3 comments

A new blog 8 comments