2021-09-12 –

Inspired by a colleague of mine I want to make a new hiking tour once a week. This project shall both help me to explore the beautiful surroundings of Tromsø and also to get my butt up on weekends.

12 articles

2021-09-12 A hike to the Stor-Kjølen
2021-09-18 Tromtinden
2021-09-26 A short tour to Sørtinden
2021-09-28 An after-work tour onto the Rødtinden and Storbogtinden
2021-10-03 A hike round the peninsula Klubben
2021-10-13 New friends Tromsø
2021-11-07 From autumn to winter – a tour to the Litjeblåmannen
2021-11-13 Tønsnesvarden
2021-11-14 Hiking up the Grønnlibruna
2021-11-20 Not reaching the top of the Nordtinden
2021-12-04 Interval training in Vasstrand
2021-12-12 Tromsøya crossing in winter

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