Wintry moods round Norsjö

Yesterday I had a meeting in Norsjö, which is round 100 km away. The meeting already started at 9:00 with a breakfast at 8:30 and ended 12:00 with a lunch.

I started quite early to make some fotos on the way to Norsjö, but the trip took longer than expected and I just made an extremely boring photo of a big lake, completely overfrozen and covered with two millimetres snow.

After the meeting I took a detour round Norsjön which was covered with ice, too. It started snowing.

I continued my way with another detour and crossed two rivers. First the minor Malån which was mostly ice covered, than the big river Skellefteälven that enters the Baltic Sea in Skelleftehamn, where I live. The Skellefteälven was completely open. That was the last photo I took yesterday. Even if it was only three o’clock it was already so dark, that I had to expose 3 secs (with f/9 and ISO 200).

By the way: älv means “river”, älven is the definite form meaning “the river”. Å is a minor river and ån is the definite form.

2 comments to “Wintry moods round Norsjö”

  1. Pia 2014-11-15 18:52

    Dear Olaf,

    the picture is not boring at all! It slows down and makes you feel the calmness of this landscape!
    Very relaxing for a Düsseldorferin.. ;-)

  2. way-up-north 2014-11-15 21:51

    You cannot see the main road just ten meters behind me, Pia, but compared to the traffic in Düsseldorf even main roads are quite relaxing here.

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