Preparatory consuming

In round about five weeks I’ll start my long winter journey through Northern Scandinavia. There are three types of planning:

  • Which places do I want to visit on my journey?
  • What do I have to organise before the journey?
  • What do I need on the journey?

I’m still not sure mow much I should plan the route of my journey, and I’m right in the middle of organising, but part three seems to be almost done. That’s partly because I already have a lot of equipment (and in parts more than I need …) and partly because I ordered a lot of stuff the last weeks and many small and big parcels arrived here over the last weeks.

And that’s some of the items I ordered the last weeks:

  • Top: Super warm expedition down pants from Marmot. Probably not the latest model but quite cheap and good for staying warm if it’s really cold.
  • Left: New rechargeable batteries for my GPS, for the big camera flash light and my headlamp. Most batteries I have are ten years old and I do not trust them anymore, especially if it’s cold.
  • Right: A heavy-duty green PVC smock (which is a pull-over jacket) to protect my other cloth against salt water, mud and sharp rocks.
  • Middle/right: A power inverter that transforms 12 Volt to 230 Volt so that I can charge batteries (and perhaps even my laptop) when driving.
  • Middle/left: An L-Bracket for my Nikon D800 camera that I can fix it on the tripod ball head in both portrait and landscape format.

And guess, what was the most expensive part? Believe it or not, it’s the L-Bracket which was more expensive than even the down pants!

What you see on the photo is just a part of my purchases: With the down pants I ordered the matching down parka, with the smock I ordered bib overalls of the same material.

The tripod got a new ball head and the tele lens a new foot matching the ball head. (My thanks to Jochen for the tips!)

For the car I bought snow chains, a 10 litre petrol canister and a jump starter, which is an external rechargeable battery that will provide enough power to start the car if the original battery is not working. (My thanks to Delle for the tips!)

The only things to buy that are left: A bigger waterproof bag for the camera and a roof box for the car. I know, I know, I could travel with much less equipment but since I have bought the car some years ago I love to take a lot of things with me. And know – back to planning.

Some vocabularies for my German readers:

down pants – Daunenhose
rechargeable – wiederaufladbar
power inverterWechselrichter
L-Bracket – L-Winkel
tripod – Stativ
bib overalls – Latzhose
ball headStativkopf/Kugelgelenkkopf
snow chains – Schneeketten

4 comments to “Preparatory consuming”

  1. Ma HB 2014-12-03 19:52

    Dear Olaf,
    My goodness! What a work is this preparation. Many, many things to buy und the planing, that you don’t forget important things.
    By the way – what’s with some medicine??
    Yours Ma HB

  2. way-up-north 2014-12-03 21:05

    Yes, Ma HB, it’s a lot of work and I underestimated it a bit. On the other side are there many things I could buy on my trip, if I forgot something. I’m travelling in Northern Scandinavia, not to the South Pole.

    Yours Olaf

  3. wurstwasserweiterverwerter 2014-12-15 18:44

    I strongly recommend taking extra fuses for your car if you want to use that converter. I’ve used two of those exact same make and both produced a short, causing the fuse to break.

  4. way-up-north 2014-12-15 18:58

    Ouch – thanks for the tipp, wurstwasserweiterverwerter.

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