Roller coaster weather

This December the weather is like a roller coaster, going up and down, bringing frost, rain, hail, sleet and storm. It’s not at all the winter you imagine when you think on Northern Sweden.

Monday started with sunny weather and temperatures round 1 °C – cold enough to cover the windscreen with a thick layer of window frost. (I prefer the German name “Eisblumen” which means ice flowers.) Then it got colder.

Tuesday it was quite clear and cold with temperatures round -7 °C with a minimum of -9 °C at 22:00. In the next three hours temperatures rose by 10 °C and the next morning we had +3 °C and heavy winds. I left my car at the car service station to get it checked before my winter journey and took some photos on the way back home. I attached spikes to my boots because the wet icy roads where extremely slippery. When I went back some hours later to get the car I was surprised at the high water level. This day the water level climbed 70 cm, that’s a lot for the Baltic Sea and only happened because of the storm pressing the sea water ashore.

The next two days were cloudy, temperatures round + 2 °C with some drizzle that instantly froze on the cold ground. Saturday evening – which was yesterday – it started to get colder and rain started to mix with snow and some soft hail. In the evening it finally started to clear up a bit und got colder.

Today it was quite clear, temperatures round -8 °C and I took a tour to the peninsula Örviken. Örviken has an area of 1 km², 400 people are living here. Even if it is quite near I hardly has being there, which is a pity since it’s a nice place, especially if it’s clear and you’re waiting for the sun rise.

And that’s what I did today. A good activity if you caught a cold and want to take it easy.

On the photos you can see the impacts of the weather: The storm destroyed the ice cover leaving a lot of floating ice floes, but in the cold night the surface started to freeze over again. Do you see the stacked ice in front of the trees? Its laying on land and I guess it was left there after the high water some days before.

After that I drove to another place I already knew and took some photos of the last motif today:

Now it’s half past five and -7.4 °C outside. The weather tomorrow? +2 °C and rain! Probably the whole day! Onto the frozen ground! Sounds familiar?

Some vocabularies for my German readers:

roller coaster – Achterbahn
drizzle – Sprühregen
soft hail – Graupel
peninsula – Halbinsel
Ice floe – Eisscholle

4 comments to “Roller coaster weather”

  1. Martin 2014-12-14 21:36

    Hallo Olaf,
    “Stormy morning …” gefällt mir sehr gut, weil es etwas zeigt von dem garstigen, ungemütlichen Winterwetter, dass es eben bei Euch auch gibt, und das es zu fotografieren auch sehr lohnt! Das warme Licht in den Häusern bringt das kalte Licht draußen richtig zur Geltung, und der Sturm im Schilf erzählt auch anschaulich von der Stimmung.
    Von den Meeresbildern gefällt mir das erste “View over the Baltic Sea” am besten, weil dort die Sonne nicht so penetrant ein Loch in das Bild brennt. Hier gebe ich noch einen Tip wieder, bei dem es mir selbst schwer fällt, ihn im entscheidenen Augenblick zu beherzigen: Bei Sonnenauf- und untergängen (besonders, wenn der Himmel nicht spektakulär ist) lohnt es sich, den Blick von der Sonne zu lösen, und zur Seite und nach hinten zu schauen und zu fotografieren. Das gibt vom Licht her meist die lohnenderen Bilder. Der Helligkeitsunterschied, der in solchen Bildern oft stört, lässt sich leicht im RAW-Konverter mit dem Grauverlauffilter-Werkzeug beheben.
    Gruß Martin

  2. way-up-north 2014-12-14 21:55

    Hallo Martin, ich hätte gerne ein bisschen mehr Drama im „Stormy morning“-Bild gehabt, das ist mir nicht so richtig gelungen. Aber die Böen hätte wohl ohnehin nur ein Video richtig wiedergegeben.

    Die Sonnenfotos sind ein bisschen Übefotos. Beim ersten stört mich die ausgefressene Reflexion. (Wenn die Sonne selbst ausgefressen ist, stört mich das etwas weniger) Beim letzten der helle Wolkenfleck, der um einiges größer als die Sonne selbst ist (und, dass das 16-35 f/4.0 nicht so schöne Sonnensterne macht wie das 35mm f/2.0)

  3. Ma HB 2014-12-15 18:08

    Dear Olaf,
    that’s an up and down with temperatures in your area – stupid and a little bit boring. Nevertheless you could make total several photos: Ice (your car), some open water and ice floes.
    The last photo is my favorit with the path , which shows into th water.
    My wishes for you are like a known song: “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!
    Yours Ma HB

  4. way-up-north 2014-12-20 23:05

    Thank you for your wishes, Ma HB! And – believe it or not – yesterday the snow came. Not huge amounts like last winter where it snowed 83 cm in 24 hours, but enough to cover the ground and finally give me some winter feelings.

    See you soon,
    yours Olaf

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