A day in Tromsø

Day 13

Today I woke up in our seal trappers hut which is located in East Greenland. First we sat outside and did our daily work as for example making firewood, then we took our wooden boat and rowed out to hunt seal. The other guys are nice but they’re quite stiff and don’t talk very much.

Ok, back to reality! Today I woke up in my small cabin outside of Tromsø. I went into the city crossing the Tromsøysundet on the big Tromsø Bridge. The weather was anything but a photographers dream: Dull, grey, windy and with showers of wet snow. Anyway, if I’m in Tromsø, I have to take some pictures …

Even in Tromsø thaw has set in and parts of the streets were very slippery. I was glad to have my “snow chains” with me that I can easily attach to my boots if it gets too icy. But I was inside, too: First in the big library, then in the Perspektivet Museum where they had a great photo exhibition: “Kom, for alt er ferdig”. Finally I visited the Polarmuseet and that’s where I took the photos of the seal hunting and the hut above.

At 14:20 the Hurtigruten ship Vesterålen arrived and landed in Tromsø.

I already was on my way back and when I took the photo of the church Ishavskatedralen 15:22, it started to get dark again.

Disclaimer: The usage rights of most of the images in this blog are for sale, but I have to exclude the first three photos that I made in the polar museet, because I’m not allowed to use these photos beside of publishing them in this non-commercial blog.

3 comments to “A day in Tromsø”

  1. Elijah 2015-01-27 22:46

    Fantastisk! Feels almost like coming home. Pespektivet and Polarmuseet! Did you see the very special and bloody expensive titanium roof of the library?
    And luckily there was no such a scary drive like yesterday. Did they still play Sigur Ros music in Perspektivet? Will you visit University Museum of Tromsø? If so, please say hello to Odile Wallerath, my german colleague (geological preparation) and my best regards! Elijah

  2. Ma HB 2015-01-28 19:34

    Dear Olaf,
    Tromsö – first I read your text and thought, you find other tourists, but why without talking with you? And than I look at the photos, it was joke!!!
    Our yourney (June 1993) with MS Hanseatic. It was planned to visit Tromsö too. But the route must be changed because of a big drift-ice field. We lost 9 hours . That was a pity.
    Wish you a good time.
    Yours Ma HB

  3. way-up-north 2015-01-30 23:07

    Elijah: It would have been nice to have you as a guide. I hardly know Tromsø. I didn’t see the titanium roof. Perspektivet had some church music to match the current photo exhibition. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the University Museum. Perhaps next time …

    Ma HB: Yes, it’s a pity that you couldn’t visit Tromsø but on the other side you had so many great experiences on your fantastic cruise in 1993 that were much more impressive than Tromsø in my humble opinion.

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