Travelling back in time

Believe it or not, it is possible to travel back in time, at least some weeks.

Here in Skelleftehamn near the coast the ice on the Baltic Sea, the river Skellefteälven and all lakes is gone and all birch trees are bedecked with green leaves.

Yesterday I had a gig in the Skidstugan Stenabäck – a small ski hut between Norsjö and Lycksele. On the way there I could see the birch trees being less and less green until they were leafless again. As I said – like travelling back in time. But I was even more fascinated by the fact, that parts of the lake Stor kvammarn were still covered with ice.

Just at the driveway to the ski hut some reindeers were hanging around. I saw them again several times this weekend. The group was easy to recognise because of the white reindeer with the pale pink horns.

I stayed over night and so I got the opportunity to make a picture of the incredible evening sky. It looked like clouds burning in slow motion.

Today I took a short tour by car with R. who drove along some forest roads nearby. We saw a young moose standing in the forest and just beside the road a Western capercaillie probably looking for a hen.

Then I took my own car and drove home, not the fast and boring main roads but the smaller ones. I saw four more moose on three different  places. Five moose total – a new record, but there all were quite camera-shy, trotted away and hid in the dense forest – one even crossed a small river and even if I couldn’t see her anymore I could still hear her feet splashing through the water.

One photo through the windscreen – just for the records.


western capercaillie, wood grouse, heather cockAuerhuhn/Auerhahntjäder

6 comments to “Travelling back in time”

  1. Biggan 2015-05-17 22:16

    You get lucky… after all!

  2. Ricarda 2015-05-18 11:16

    Welch ein Abendhimmel ! Klasse !
    Und das Bild mit den Schnee- und Eisresten ist ja wunderschön, aber dennoch freue ich mich nun auf den Sommer. Der Schnee kann erstmal warten…..

  3. way-up-north 2015-05-19 07:41

    Yes, Biggan. Tack för senast!

    Ich freue mich auch auf den Sommer, Ricarda, aber auch auf den Winter, der dem Sommer folgt.

  4. Sylvia 2015-05-19 18:13

    Das weiße Rentier sieht aus, als wäre es modelliert, fast zu schön um echt zu sein. Aber der kl. blaue Makierungsfleck weist darauf hin, dass es etwas Lebendiges ist, ein tolles Foto.

  5. Ma HB 2015-05-19 19:39

    Olaf, so fine photos: a “burning sky” , Mooses – 5 of them, and the beautiful wood grouse. I think, the bird was sitting in posture, waiting for the Photograph!
    And your gig was good? Yours Ma HB

  6. way-up-north 2015-05-19 22:26

    Ja, Sylvia, es könnte auch eine Statue sein. Aber es gibt mehr weiße Rentiere als man glaubt, ich sehe immer mal wieder welche.

    No, Ma HB, the bird was quite nervous and walked away keeping a constant distance to me. Later in spring the males looking for a hen are quite mad. They even can jump on people or cars. But not this one.

    The job was nice, although the audience was quite small. But fun anyway.

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