A short trip to Umeå

I have to admit, that it felt a bit strange to travel to Umeå. For one thing it’s a big town and for another thing it’s south from Skellefteå and that’s not my usual travel direction.

You may laugh at me calling Umeå a big town. Umeå has 80000 inhabitants and that may not sound very much, but the whole city with its many big buildings and streets feels much bigger, especially if you compare it to Skellefteå – the next town nearby – which is less than half as big and appears only a tenth as busy as Umeå.

I stayed over night in a hotel in the 12th floor with a nice view over the town and the river Umeälven. What a pity that it rained almost the whole time.

Today it still rained a lot and I didn’t have any interest in city sightseeing. So I fled the town and took a long walk in nature. That’s much more my cup of tea.

4 comments to “A short trip to Umeå”

  1. Ma HB 2015-06-06 12:12

    Dear Olaf, I was very astonished at so many big buildings (structure) – a town in that area. Perhaps I thought , everywhere is only landscape in the northern part of sweden. What a stupid idea ! Yours Ma HB

  2. Annika 2015-06-06 18:14

    Same here ;-) I was really overwhelmed when driving into town—and wanted to leave as soon as possible….And in the end even Umeå has nice spots, too :-)

  3. way-up-north 2015-06-06 19:45

    Ma HB Haha, that’s what even the most Swedes think: North from Stockholm and Uppsala there’s only nature, forest and reindeers.

    Annika: Nice spots? In Umeå? Really? (Just kidding) Show them to me.

  4. Annika 2015-06-07 23:17

    I will. ASAP :-)

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