An overnight stay on the island Gåsören


The advantage of short kayak trips with overnight stay: you can start quite late. It was 7 p.m. when I started pulling my loaded kayak from home to shore. A quarter later I sat in the kayak and started paddling. It’s only four, five kilometres to the island Gåsören that shone in the warm light of the evening sun.

The first thing to do: Put up the tent before sundown. The second thing to do: Taking a picture of the lighthouse before sundown. The stomach reminded me of thing number three: Preparing food and eating. Todays dinner: Graved salmon on fire roasted bread à la plein air.

I was quite curious if I would catch the first polar light. The short term forecast of Soft Serve News wasn’t too bad. But even if the sun already went down round 9 o’clock – two and a half hours earlier than eight weeks ago – I still had to wait for the sky getting darker. After a while however I could see the first faint greenish garlands. My first Northern Lights of the season 2015/16! Great!

But then I saw something in the sky that I thought was much more fascinating: Right above the red coloured northern sky I could see a layer of lucent clouds. They looked really strange because there weren’t red or purple – they were pale white! I never saw something like that before. They looked extremely far away, almost extraterrestrial. I wondered if this perhaps could be noctilucent clouds – clouds that are found in extremely high altitudes of round about 80 kilometres. I stayed awake for a long time, I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from this wonderful phenomenon. Two pictures of the clouds:

Of course I checked my hypothesis directly, when I went home. Yes – I guessed right. My first noctilucent clouds ever. I was really lucky and I’m happy that I could see them just from my tent.

But let’s leave the Mesosphere and go back to earth again. If you tent on the island Gåsören, you can see other lights, too. Lights of civilisation: The peninsula Rönnskär is quite nearby. On Rönnskär there is Boliden Rönnskär, one of the most efficient copper smelters. You think industry is unsightly and ugly? Well, not Rönnskär by night in my opinion:


I woke up in broad daylight although it was only half past five. I took one halfhearted picture out of my tent and then I started reading.

I started the book “Norwegen der Länge nach” written by Simon Michalowicz that was published just some weeks ago. Simon hiked from the Southern tip of Norway to the North Cape – round about 3000 kilometres.

I read in the tent – I read sitting in front of the island’s sauna — I read sitting or lying on a floating boat bridge, only interrupted by a short bath in the Baltic Sea. I followed Simon’s tour and just couldn’t stop reading. It was noon when I finally finished the book. If can warmly recommend it to all German readers that love Scandinavia or are interested in hiking. There’s a website as well:

I wasn’t alone on the island. Some people hired the old lotshus – the pilot’s house for an overnight stay. The first motor boats came in for a day visit. And both summer cottages – there’re only two on Gåsören – were used, too. From T. who owns one of the cottages I learned that it was international lighthouse day today. So before I packed all my stuff together and paddled home I went up the two stairs in the old lighthouse and made a last photo.

I was home again half past two. Many experiences and a good book in less than twenty hours – that’s a fine weekend.


Noctilucent cloudsLeuchtende NachtwolkenNattlysande moln

10 comments to “An overnight stay on the island Gåsören”

  1. Ricarda 2015-08-17 16:28

    Sehr interessant…..ich wusste nämlich gar nicht, daß es leuchtende Nachtwolken gibt. Man lernt nie aus…..
    Und das Buch “Norwegen der Länge nach” steht auch schon auf meiner Wunschliste, muss es nur mal bei Gelegenheit bestellen.
    Danke, daß Du wieder so schöne Fotos mit uns teilst !
    Schöne Woche noch !

  2. way-up-north 2015-08-17 19:26

    Auch Dir eine schöne Woche, Ricarda.

  3. Sylvia 2015-08-17 23:27

    Ha, das nenn ich mal nen Zufall – ich lese zur Zeit genau dieses Buch -bin auf Seite 43 (von Hovden nach Geilo). Gefällt Dir seine Reisebeschreibung? Als Schalker habe ich natürlich ein paar Probleme mit dem Dortmund Trikot -aber okay – wie heißt es auf der 1. Seite “Grau ist alle Theorie – Entscheidend is auffem Platz” . Und das Spiel kommt ja noch!

  4. Annika 2015-08-17 23:35

    Mir hat das BVB-Trikot über die volle Länge des Buches sehr gut gefallen :-)

  5. way-up-north 2015-08-17 23:38

    Ja, Sylvia, das Buch hat mir gefallen. Fussball hingegen interessiert mich ähnlich wenig wie Synchronschwimmen …

    Annika: Verkappter Fan oder wieso?

  6. Stine 2015-08-18 10:23

    Hört sich nach einem gelungenen Ausflug an!
    Das Buch klingt auch interessant!

  7. Santosh Hejmadi 2015-08-18 17:23

    Beautifully written! Felt I was there looking at the clouds and the lights! Someday hopefully, I shall do this trip. As always, your photos are amazing.

  8. Sylvia 2015-08-18 17:37

    Ach, Synchronschwimmen interessiert Dich also auch nicht – das ist aber traurig :)

  9. Sylvia 2015-08-18 17:42

    An Annika: Die schwarz-gelbe Farbe paßt weder ins Fjell noch zum Norkapp. Blau-weiß dagegen hätte zum Himmel sowie zur Schneelandschaft hier und da viel besser gepaßt :)

  10. way-up-north 2015-08-19 21:12

    Das war auch ein schöner Ausflug, Stine.

    Thank you very much, Santosh. We should make a day trip to Gåsören one day.

    Man könnte ja blau und gelb kombinieren, Sylvia, aber dann wäre es ja Schweden der Länge nach.

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