In between the seasons

Today is winter solstice which means that it’s the shortest day of the year. For the astronomers winter starts today, for the meteorologists it already started on 1st December. But winter, well …

It has been a special winter so long this year. Again.

Beside of some colder days it has been too warm with more rain than snow. All minor streets are covered with a shell of wet ice and the thin leftover snow cover is icy, too.

It’s almost the same as last year. Or 2013. Or 2011. Perhaps it’s just the normal weather anomalies, but perhaps it’s already the ongoing climate shift and we will call that a normal winter twenty years from now. Future will show.

The water level in the Baltic Sea has been high for several weeks, today with +60 cm; +95 cm are predicted for Christmas Day. That’s what it looks like:

On other parts of the ice you could see wet snow mobile tracks, but I wouldn’t dare to enter the ice without asking the locals.

According to the forecast the weather won’t change much the next days and on Christmas Day it probably will rain. But there’re places way up north, where it will be even warmer this year: The forecast for Montréal in Canada predicts +17 °C for Christmas Eve!




winter solsticeWintersonnenwende

2 comments to “In between the seasons”

  1. Ricarda 2015-12-23 12:27

    Auch wenn von einer weißen Weihnacht und somit ordentlichem Winterwetter noch nicht so viel zu sehen ist……..wünsche Dir aber trotzdem ein wunderbares Weihnachtsfest, schöne Stunden mit Familie oder Freunden und ein paar erholsame Feiertage !

  2. way-up-north 2015-12-23 15:40

    Heute hat es sogar geschneit, wenn auch bei leichten Plustemperaturen.

    Auch Dir schöne Feiertage, Ricarda.

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