2016-01-04 Filchos AB

Tomorrow is a special day.

After 5⅔ great years at Hello Future¹ it’s time for me to move on. That’s why I started my own company some weeks ago.

Well, sort of …

· I will continue developing web applications
· I will focus more on photography
· I will focus more on travelling and blogging
· I want to be more open for music, art, and creativity
· I want to work with more different people
· I want to be free for things that I’m not aware of yet²

That’s a lot for just one company, isn’t it? That’s even a lot for just one person (Yes, me). But well, I’ll give it a try.

If you start an AB (aktiebolag) in Sweden you need a name for it. But how do you call an AB with so many fields of work?

I went for a name that means completely nothing to prevent being bound to any specific focus³. The official name of mine is “Filchos AB”⁴.

Tomorrow⁵ I’ll start working for my company. What is the first thing I will do tomorrow? Probably considering about the first thing I should do tomorrow.

Stay tuned …

By the way: There are no plans at all to move away from Skelleftehamn, even if I’ll be abroad a bit more in the future⁶

¹ Thank you, Hello Future for a good time!
² You’re allowed to make suggestions!
³ Change is my elixir vitae.
⁴ There’s a history about “filchos”, but that’s another story.
⁵ That’s 2016-01-04.
⁶ … but if you have a project in Greenland, Northern Canada or Svalbard, let me know.


This text appeared first on my personal Facebook page. I decided to publish a copy even on this blog.

2016-01-03 23:59

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