Maybe a seal?

There are seals in the Baltic Sea, even in Skelleftehamn. I’ve been living here for six and a half years but never ever saw a single seal, neither from the coast nor from the kayak. Today this may have changed.

Annika, I and two German guests were in Bjuröklubb today and had a look at the wintery sea. The coast of the peninsula Fäbodarna on the other side of the bay Bjuröfjärden was hardly visible in the chilly, foggy air. The sea was partly open, partly covered with a thin layer of grey ice and some ice floes. On one of the ice floes there was something dark.

A rock? Probably not, since the depth of sea is at least 25 meter at this place.

A tree trunk? Maybe, but why should it lie on the ice floe?

Could it be a seal? I took my tele lens and made a photo. Here it is (which strongly increased contrast):

It really could be a seal, but I’m not sure at all. While I considered if it was one or not the fog came closer. And closer. And even closer. I took this photo before the fog curtained even these ice floes:

Home again I posted the first photo on Facebook to get help in the seal-question. These are the answers so far:

  • A UFO landed on the ice?
  • Nessie?
  • Toyota Camry?
  • Russian submarine?
  • Elvis Presley bathing?
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Well, the answers were probably more entertaining than helpful so I’m still unsure.

Any thoughts?

2 comments to “Maybe a seal?”

  1. Elijah 2017-01-22 23:32

    I don’t think it is a seal, I usually meet lots of them in Scotland, they look different. It looks very much like a wee car with remote control…

  2. way-up-north 2017-01-24 09:08

    Thank you, Elijah. So I have to paddle much more next year …

    Do you already have any travel plans for 2017?

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