Skiing from Skelleftehamn to Skellefteå

In summer 2015 I tested the Kraftleden, which connects Skelleftehamn, where I live, with the town of Skellefteå. I’d found it not worth to go, since it was both a bit boring and in bad shape (thickets, boggy ground …).

Anyway Kraftleden was originally a cross-country ski trail, not a hiking trail and when I read that the trail is well-prepared for the Kraftloppet – a cross-country ski competition that takes place next weekend – I thought about giving it a second chance, this time on skis.

I started at the very same starting point as 20 months before. Temperature was round -13 °C, perfect for skiing.

After I followed the scooter trails some hundred metres I reached the electrical power line, name giver of the Kraftleden and starting point of the well-prepared ski trail.

(Power line in Swedish is “kraftledning”, which sounds quite similar to “Kraftleden”, meaning “the power trail”.)

And that’s what the first part of the Kraftleden looked like: A straight on ski trail under a power line. As in summer I found it a bit boring but the fantastic prepared ski trail compensated the slightly dull surrounding. I cursed a bit, because my own cross-country skis are really old and sooo sloooow. So I decided to ignore the fact, that I was slow and moved like a troll and to enjoy the great weather instead. And weather was just great!

Perhaps two hours later I could see the first houses of Morö backe, a district of Skellefteå, but it took me almost another hour (including finding the right way), until I finished my tour at Vitberget, Skellefteås ski centrum.

Now I unmounted my skis and took a promenade into the center, where I visited a friend, had a lunch and then took the bus back to Skelleftehamn.

Conclusion: The Kraftleden is nice to ski in winter, when prepared. Today I went it the first time, but definitely the last time with my ancient skis. I have to buy new ones.


2017-03-06 22:14

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