Period of fine weather

I guess, this week has been the ice fisher’s delight. Nightly temperatures between round -8 °C (good for the ice), afternoon temperatures round +8 °C, hardly any wind and no clouds hiding the sun (good for oneself).

It’s really hard for me to focus on my work when weather is as nice as it has been the last weeks. I would prefer having holidays in the mountains enjoying the fabulous late winter weather. I guess however that there are times when I have to earn money, too …

Already at 8 o’clock I saw five ice fishers standing, sitting or lying on the ice with their tiny plastic fishing rods. Although it was -6 °C it was warm in the sun. In the background the icebreaker Baus circuited around to break the ice for the next ship to come.

I knelt on the ice to make the photos above and heard it cracking. Was it thin ice? Not at all, it is still thick and safe. I guess it was the waves caused by the Baus that made the ice swing and crack. A strange experience. Good to now however that the water is quite shallow where I went.

But now I have to continue my work …


I didn’t work much more today, sometimes there are spontaneous opportunities to seize  …

2 comments to “Period of fine weather”

  1. Ulrich 2018-04-13 12:52

    Bei mir regnet es heute, aber die Temperaturen sind mild.

    Auf das zugefrorene Meer würde ich aber niemals gehen, das Risiko gehe ich nicht ein.

  2. way-up-north 2018-04-13 13:14

    Ich war schon oft auf der gefrorenen Ostsee unterwegs, teilweise auch recht weit vom Land entfernt. Vorsichtig bin ich aber sehr. Dort, wo die Eisfischer saßen, würde man aber vermutlich nur bis zum Bauch im Eiswasser stehen. Das wäre schon ganz schön doof, aber zumindest bei den jetzigen Temperaturen nicht lebensgefährlich.

    Zudem haben einige der Eisfischer sogenannte floating suits an, die die Funktion einer Schwimmweste übernehmen.

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