Holes in the ice

Today a neighbour told me, that it’s still safe to go over the ice to the near Baltic islands Norrskär and Bredskär. He said however, that there was so much water on the ice that even my rubber could be too short to stay dry.

An hour later at the coast: I let my eyes wander over the frozen surface of the Baltic Sea. Still there was ice everywhere but it looked old, wet, grey and bleak.

There was water on the ice but less than excepted. But I saw something different: Two holes in the ice. Quite near the coast and apparently very deep.

I definitely don’t want to break into the ice without dry suit. These holes are a sure sign for me that the ice-crossing season is over. Anyway, it’s 21 April and all the other years I’ve been living in Skelleftehamn at least parts of the Baltic Sea were already free of ice at this time of the year. This years it will take some more days or weeks until the ice disappears.

Incidentally I saw not only wet ice today but something else: The first tussilago!

2 comments to “Holes in the ice”

  1. Annika Kramer 2018-04-22 14:22

    Und ich dachte, es hält noch bis Mittsommer.

  2. way-up-north 2018-04-23 05:49

    Der Nachbar sagt, es muss einmal Hochwasser geben, damit sich das Eis vom Ufer lösen kann. Dann reichen dir richtigen Winde und das Eis treibt weg.

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