The ice weakens

At time I use to wake up quite early, today even at 5:30. Probably it’s the sunlight that wakes me up despite of the black curtains and the closed window blinds. I felt well rested, got up and as many times before I took the car to the peninsula Näsgrundet to have a look at the Baltic Sea. The weather was nice (clear sky, -2 °C) and I was curious about the ice situation.

Already from the car I could see that the ice still extended to the horizon and the island Gåsören. The old ice looked greyish and many half-frozen puddles with meltwater were seen everywhere. The ice on land however was free of melting water and therefore still white.

The ice covering the water had started to get the first big holes. They seemed to be only next to the coast so I guess you still could cross the ice to Gåsören, but I wouldn’t dare anymore.

They are still some wintry motives left but it’s quite visible that snow and ice finally are coming to an end.

I took a last look to Gåsören and made a photo with my telephoto lens. Yes, no open water in sight yet! I skied to Gåsören twice this winter. I guess the next visit will be by kayak!

And otherwise?

  • more and more birds have been arriving, among others northern lapwings and curlews (if I’m right)
  • the roof of my house has been completely free of snow for two days now
  • more tussilago is blooming, but the clay-like soil is sometimes so muddy, that you can easily sink to the top of your rubber boots with one single step
  • still 30 cm of snow in my backyard – I measured right now –  but it’s melting rapidly and the ground round the fence and beside of the garage is already free of snow
  • the ice fishermen have been sitting, crouching or lying on the ice on every single day for the last weeks – yesterday even in the cold rain. They know, that saison is over soon

Although it sometimes hardly looks like it …

8 comments to “The ice weakens”

  1. Johanna 2018-04-25 22:53

    Fast schon Mai und dennoch Minus-Temperaturen …….
    und die Eis-Angler sahen auf den Foto`s irgendwie schon verzweifelt aus :-)

  2. Annika Kramer 2018-04-25 23:18

    Gestern am offenen (!!) Fluss mindestens 5 verschiedene Sorten Blumen gesehen! Und Gänse. :-)

  3. Johanna 2018-04-25 23:28

    Das ist ja fein ! Doch noch Winterende

  4. way-up-north 2018-04-26 06:34

    Johanna. Beim Eisangeln kann man auf einer Isomatte liegen und durch das gebohrte Loch ins Wasser schauen. Dann sieht man wohl die Fische, weil das Wasser sehr klar ist. Deswegen die lustigen Positionen.

    Annika Kramer. Gänse habe ich gesehen, genauso wie viele Möwen, Kiebitze und ich glaube Große Brachvögel. Aber wilde Blumen wirklich erst Tussilago. Der Skellefteälven ist aber auch schon größtenteils offen.

  5. Ulrich 2018-04-26 14:29

    Nicht traurig sein. Immer nur Winter ist doch langweilig. Also trainiere schon mal deine Muskeln, denn bald musst du mit dem Kajak rudern.

    Annika Kramer
    Wohnst du etwa auch in Schweden, weil du schreibst, was du gesehen hast?

  6. Annika Kramer 2018-04-28 07:39

    Ulrich, ich wohne 130 km südlich von Olaf. :)

  7. Ulrich 2018-04-28 12:53

    Hast du dich schon mal mit Olaf persönlich getroffen, oder kennst du ihn nur aus diesem Blog?

  8. Annika 2018-04-29 09:50

    Er sitzt gerade neben mir auf dem Sofa. ;-) Kennen tue ich ihn aber tatsächlich von .

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