The island Fårö

This article is part of the series “2018-05: Gotland”.

It’s Thursday, our 4th full day on Gotland. Today we want to hire a car, meet Ingrid again and explore Fårö, an island northeast from Gotland.

We return our e-bikes, that we used the last two days and walk to Mickes biluthyrning, where we rent a VW Passat from 1995. Annika drives. We fill up the car and drive to Lärbro, where we meet Ingrid. She has been living on Gotland for a year and will guide us around.

In Fårösund we drive on the free ferry; the ferry crossing takes only 8 minutes. Then we are on Fårö.

First stop: Fårö kyrka. Beside this church used to be a tourist information, but it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s not a big problem, since Ingrid knows all these places she wants to show us.

The next stop however is a request of Annika and me: a real bakery! With a few exceptions, there are no bakeries in Northern Sweden and we enjoy visiting this one. We buy bread and cake and take a break to eat the latter.

We drive through the landscapes of Fårö, which are as varied as Gotland’s landscapes. Sometimes you think, you are in Spain or Greece, sometimes you believe being in Northern Germany and (only) sometimes in Sweden. Now I understand the Swedish people better, who say that Gotland is not Sweden.

Next stop Fårö Fyr, the lighthouse of Fårö, located at the easternmost point of Fårö. There’s a beautiful rock coast, but we do not stay very long, there’s a lot to see.

Next stop Skärsändan, a beautiful sandy beach that is several kilometres long. Annika and I take a bath (the water is quite shallow) and then Ingrid, Annika and I walk barefooted along the beach.

After a longer promenade we continue our Fårö exploration trip. On the way to Langhammars Raukar we make a stopover. Here we find many things typical for Gotland and Fårö: grey sheep, windmills, thatched houses, braided fences and dry stone walls.

Next stop is Langhammars Raukar, one of the famous spots with rauks – steep limestone formations formed by the waves of the sea. On of them reminds me on the stone statues of the Easter Island.

We continue to another fascinating spot, three kilometres away: Helgumannen, an old abandoned fishing village. This group of tiny wooden houses located on a rocky beach that seems to be endless looks really remote and I ask myself what kind of live the inhabitants had.

The last stop on Fårö for today: Gamle Hamn, another spot well-known for raukar. The last photo shows the “coffee pot”. Personally it reminds me more of Buckbeak, the hippogriff in Harry Potter.

I has become late, we are hungry and a bit tired. Ingrid drives the way back to the ferry and soon we are on Gotland again. Here we take the first restaurant and get something to eat, before we drive back to Lärbro and say goodbye to Ingrid.

Tusen takk, Ingrid for a wonderful day!

When Annika and I arrive in Visby it’s so late that the sun sets and the ice cream shop is already closed.

7 comments to “The island Fårö”

  1. Neil Crighton 2018-05-13 10:56

    looks an interesting place to visit and do some creative photography…can u stay on it?

  2. Johanna 2018-05-13 11:31

    Man mag sich diesen wunderschönen Ort überhaupt nicht in der Ferienzeit vorstellen wenn tausende Besucher den Strand bevölkern.
    Das Licht finde ich faszinierend . Sehr schöne Fotos……
    LG :-)

  3. Ma H B 2018-05-13 19:00

    Dear Olaf, dear Annika,
    I think, it was a wonderful week with so much experiences and so fantastic weather. And so interesting photos and so different.
    Yours Ma

  4. Ulrich 2018-05-13 21:11

    Die Felsen sind das Beste, ansonsten finde ich die Insel öde und kahl. Laut Wikipedia gibt es auch nur 500 Einwohner. Trotzdem sollen dort im Sommer viele Touristen sein. Aber die sind wohl nicht am steinigen Strand.

  5. Annika Kramer 2018-05-13 21:28

    Ich fand gerade die Öde und Kargheit so toll. Gerade an Langhammarn hätte es die Raukar gar nicht gebraucht.

  6. way-up-north 2018-05-13 21:52

    Neil Crighton Fårö is a wonderful place and definitely a great place for photography. I just took some snapshots, many of them against the sun to get the right motives and sometimes I had to take compromises to avoid sightseeing people on the photos. It would be great to be there for a longer time and to have a chance for better light (and less people).

    Fårö is Sweden’s ninth largest island and there are several accommodations on Fårö. I don’t know anything about availability and prices.

  7. way-up-north 2018-05-13 21:54

    Johanna Wir haben uns manches Mal gefragt, wie es dort wohl im Sommer aussehen mag und uns sehr gefreut, die Kombination von Vorsaison und sommerlichem Wetter zu bekommen. Das Licht fand ich tagsüber allerdings sehr kalt und grell, ich hätte lieber morgens und abends fotografiert.

    Ma H B As you say, the weather was fantastic and the variety was impressive. Worth a visit!

    Ulrich Es gibt auch Kiefernwälder, Seen und vieles mehr. Die Zeit hat aber nicht gereicht, das alles zu besuchen und abzulichten. Ich mag aber ebenso wie Annika Kramer die kargen Teile der Insel besonders, denn Wald (oder Forst) haben wir in Västerbotten bis zum Abwinken.

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