From Reyðarfjörður to Kópasker

Monday, 3 September

On this day I took most photos through the windscreen while Annika was driving. But we made stops, too. Some photos:

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  1. Margrit Schneider 2018-09-05 17:26

    Dear Olaf, please explain the first photo. Are there ways or streets with so much curves ? Perhaps for car driver to learn ? Or are there courses of a river ?

  2. Margrit Schneider 2018-09-05 17:29

    Its a very interesting photo. Have a good time. Yours Ma

  3. Annika 2018-09-05 22:15

    For a car driver to learn sounds like a reasonable explanation to me! I have never been driving on such a high pass on such a steep road. That was quite interesting.

  4. way-up-north 2018-09-05 22:30

    Annika is right, this is part of the mountain pass we took on our way. It was a quite steep gravel road, but Annika, who was driving mastered it without any problems.

  5. Johanna 2018-09-11 18:03

    Toll , Annika ! Finde es klasse ,dass Du diese Straße gefahren bist ! Da kann Dich doch jetzt nichts mehr ( was das fahren angeht) erschüttern :-)

  6. way-up-north 2018-09-12 21:09

    Mich kann man immer noch mit Großstadt, mehrspurigen Straßen und Auffahrten erschüttern. Da bleibt Annika wesentlich gelassener.

  7. Johanna 2018-09-12 21:32

    ich bin auf Deiner Seite :-) Bewundere aber alle , die es mit Gelassenheit angehen….

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