Early winter Holmön I

This article is part of the series “2018-12: Holmön”.

When Annika and I made a two-day trip to the small island Stora Fjäderägg in August this year, we spent some hours on the island Holmön. We walked to a place called Berguddens fyr – Berguddens lighthouse – were you can rent a room.

4 months and 5 days later we stand at the shipping pier and wait for the small ferry Helena Elisabeth that shall bring us to Holmön. We booked a room in Berguddens fyr for four nights. With us is my car. Annika booked a place for it on the ferry that only provides space for a single car. At 7:30 the ferry approaches.

We have to wait, because first all groceries and goods have to be brought onto the small ship. Holmön has 75 inhabitants and a grocery store. Finally I drive the car onto the ferry where it is saved with wedges.

We are not the only people travelling to Holmön. Everyone is sitting in the inside beside of me that tries to make some photos. The foredeck however is covered with wet, salty ice and so slippery that I do not dare to stand there without any hold.

After about 40 minutes the ferry goes ashore in the port of Holmön. I have to back from the ferry with the car and I am quite glad about the rear camera. Then we take the main road, turn right into a snowy gravel road, turn right again into another small road through the forest and then we arrive at Berguddens fyr.

No one is there, but the house is open and warm and soon we find our large but cosy room:

Probably we will be completely alone in the house. Who travels there in early December? Already at 3 o’clock it is quite dark and the lighthouse has started to be active.

Days are short in December but we have a lot of books with us and even two musical instruments: A violin for Annika who plays viola, and an accordion for me who plays piano. (Did I mention, that we are alone in the house ;-) ?) And a book with many, many Christmas songs.

3 comments to “Early winter Holmön I”

  1. Johanna 2018-12-08 10:33

    So ist das richtig ! Macht euch eine schöne Zeit :-)

  2. Margrit Schneider 2018-12-09 18:39

    Hallo, I wish you a wonderful relaxation. Do you play violin and accordeon together ?
    When I lived in Magdeburg, my best girlfriend Bruni played violin and I played accordeon. The play together, we
    found the sound horrible. That was the reason for asking our neighbor for renting his piano. He said yes and I was very happy.
    Enjoy the short time and the quiet. Yours Ma HB

  3. way-up-north 2018-12-12 14:34

    Johanna: Haben wir gemacht.

    Margrit Schneider: We did play violin and accordion (or better said, I tried hard). I think it would sound quite nice when I played the right chords. The left hand is still without orientation with all these tiny black keys.

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