Rime at the Bergsbyn dam

After photoing the lunar eclipse this very early morning I went into bed again and took a long nap. After that I actually wanted to work but the weather was so fine that I took the car looking for photo motives. Temperatures below -20 °C, a clear blue sky and all birch trees covered with rime – that’s ingredients for a beautiful winter day. While I was looking at the white birch trees I got an idea. How would it look like at the dam in Bergsbyn where there’s always open water downstream.

I drove there and parked the car. Indeed the trees by the river were covered even more with hoarfrost and rime. I walked along the river through knee-deep snow. Beside of some animal tracks the snow was untouched. Strange, that I was the first one that went along the riverside since the last snow one week ago.

The open water was smoking with cold and frozen fog blowed along the river. It covered the opposite riverside and partly the sun as well. Small ice floes drifted by. The river is quite fast here. Hardly imaginable that the river upstream is completely frozen over.

I experimented with the fisheye lens. It will take some time until I get used to it, especially when the light situations are as difficult as they were today. I do not like these white spots where the sun is but today it was hardly avoidable.

5 comments to “Rime at the Bergsbyn dam”

  1. Annika 2019-01-21 19:52

    Hachach, wie gesegnet wir sind!

  2. way-up-north 2019-01-21 19:54

    Ja. Ich habe zu dem Glück, hier wohnen zu dürfen und dem Glück, seit Tagen schönstes Winterwetter zu haben auch noch den Luxus, flexibel zu arbeiten und mir jederzeit frei nehmen zu können. Momentan übertreibe ich es aber gerade ein wenig damit …

  3. Annika 2019-01-21 20:00


  4. Johanna 2019-01-21 20:06

    Mach einfach weiter ,Olaf ! DAS kann man nicht übertreiben !!!!
    Wann gibt es die Fotos zu kaufen ?

  5. way-up-north 2019-01-24 19:08

    Das dauert noch ein bisschen, Johanna. Vor allem die ganzen juristischen Dinge werden noch einiges an Zeit fordern.

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