Travelling with the MS Lofoten: Øksfjord – Stamsund

This article is part of the series “2019-02: Northern Norway”.

Disclaimer: Many, many photos, some of them pretty mediocre but all part of the journey.

Still Saturday, 16 February

After we left Øksfjord we continued our journey through the darkness. The people on board were idle, they chatted, read a book, look through the window and of course most of them used their computers, tablets or smartphones.

Three hours later we were in Skervøy, stop #9 of my Hurtigruten journey.

After a short stay we continued to Tromsø, Norway’s largest town north of Trondheim. I took a night image of the passing Hurtigruten ship MS Trollfjord then I went to sleep.

Our stays in Tromsø and Finnsnes I overslept completely.

Sunday, 17 February

At 7 o’clock I woke up, half an hour later I stood outside and took the first pictures in the blue hour. The weather was much better than the other days and the temperatures had dropped below zero in the night. We were on our way to Harstad, with 25000 inhabitants the third largest town in Northern Norway. Stop #12.

While we were stopped in Harstad the sun was rising and was bathing the landscape in purplish light. Harstad started to glitter. It was the many windows reflecting the warm sunlight.

The sun rose higher and after a while the sky was blue. I stood outside with my large telephoto lens and tried to catch the impressive snowy mountain ranges by the fjords and sea.

Risøyrennan, a deepened part of Risøysundet came into view.

After a short stay in Risøyhamn, part of the Vesterålen and stop #13 of my journey we continued south. The sheltered  was covered with a closed layer of thin pancake ice. You could hear it crack when it met the bow wave of the ship.

Some more images taken between Risøyhamn and Sortland:

I left the MS Lofoten in Sortland, stop #14, but only for a short time. In Norway all shops are closed on Sundays and then the towns may be a bit boring. Partly the ways still covered with a bit of frozen snow, but mostly it was slippery ice and some deep water puddles. Home in Skelleftehamn it had been very warm the last days and I expect the same road conditions when I’ll come home in a couple of days.

After 30 minutes the MS Lofoten continued its tour. At the horizon the steep mountains of the Lofoten islands came into view.

The backlit Lofoten mountain ranges looked amazing as if they were from another world. I’ll show you two photos but I’m not at all happy with them. In reality the landscape looked more aerial or as if made of light.

These mountains were in the far. The nearer mountains to the left or right looked more normal when it comes to light but still unreal because they were so steep and snowy.

The large island Hinnøya on the port side, the island Langøya on starboard side of the ship I stood at the starboard and peeked through my telephoto lens. I have friends near Stokmarknes on the Vesterålen and was I looking for their house. I found it ;-). Unfortunately R. was ill but J. visited be on the ship with the children. They went on board while the ship lay at the port of Stokmarknes, stop #15. Shortly before departure my friends left the ship. Thank you very much for your visit!

Oh, I forgot the photo of the islet (or holm) Gjæva. I already knew it from earlier stays with my friends.

Now we headed for the impressive sound Raftsundet where we would even take a small detour to the entrance of the Trollfjorden. Due to the narrowness of the fjord and the risk of avalanches it’s not possible to drive into it in wintertime.

We left the blue sky behind us, the weather worsened.

First the weather still was quite fair but then it started to snow. The snowfall was so strong and the cloud layer was so thick and low that it was decided not to visit the Trollfjorden. You hardly would have seen anything.

The camera was wet, I was wet, too and it was so dark that it was near to impossible to take any pictures. It was twenty to five and I went into my cabin and took a nap.

Just some photos “for the archives” of the next stays: Svolvær and Stamsund, stops #16 and #17, both on the Lofoten.

8 comments to “Travelling with the MS Lofoten: Øksfjord – Stamsund”

  1. Johanna 2019-02-18 12:48

    Ich finde es nicht schön zu sagen aber ich bin neidisch! Die Fotos die Dir nicht so ganz gefallen, finde ich einfach wunderschön. Was für eine tolle Reise. …

  2. Annika 2019-02-18 15:14

    Ach, so ein hübsches Schiff. <3

  3. Margrit Schneider 2019-02-18 18:44

    Dear Olaf, what a fantastic landscape, but very cold!
    I think you did make so many photos – in the sun, in the rain, in the fog, in the wind ! A difference choice for an photograph !
    Now a good return to U or Sk. Yours Ma

  4. way-up-north 2019-02-18 19:02

    Johanna Die deutsche Sprache hat so viele Wörter und tolle Adjektive. Mir fehlt aber ein Wort für „ich gönne das jemanden, hätte es aber auch gerne“. Vielleicht vermisst Du dieses Wort auch.

    Annika Ja irgendwie schon. Heimelig.

    Margrit Schneider Not cold at all, it is much too warm with temperatures round zero. Today it was even warmer and rained a lot and parts of the landscape look more like September than February.

  5. Johanna 2019-02-18 19:13

    Sorry das ich ehrlich war! Natürlich gönne ich jedem alles. ..

  6. way-up-north 2019-02-18 19:31

    Dachte ich mir, Johanna. Mir geht es vermutlich oft wie Dir. Ich kenne das als Will-ich-auch-Gefühl. Dieses Gefühl ist aber weit, weit weg von Neid oder gar Missgunst.

  7. Johanna 2019-02-18 19:56

    ich nehme das böse Wort zurück !

  8. way-up-north 2019-02-20 23:31

    Ich habe mal im Internet geschaut. Das Thema, ob Neid nun immer eher negativ oder auch positiv sei, beschäftigt viele. Bei Wikipedia gibt es den Begriff des Konstruktiver Neides, der eben nicht missgünstig ist. Wieder was gelernt!

    Sehr gut gefallen hat mir aber vor allem diese eigene Wortkreation:

    Zitat: […] ich habe gerade mit meiner Freundin das gleiche Problem. Wir haben uns dafür das wort “benönnen” ausgedacht. Da steckt “beneiden” drin genauso wie “gönnen” […]
    (Quelle: Wie nennt man Neid in seiner positiven Form?, 2012)

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