Late March at the coast

The last few days it was quite warm with maximum temperatures round 10 °C. The warmth of the sun warmed the rocks and made the ice melt around them. Today it was very windy and the water level was 50 cm above average. Therefore the sea ice rose while the coastal ice has still been frozen solid to the shore. That has resulted in large cracks in the ice which made the high water flow up through the cracks and cover the coastal ice.

This turquoise blue water almost looks Caribbean, but of course the water is still literally ice cold. And while the air is warm at daytime, the ground is still so cold, that ice needles grow on the undercooled water puddles.

Spring equinox was a week ago, now the days are longer here than in Central Europe. Sunrise tomorrow will be already at 5:00. I hope that sun and wind will remove the ice cover on the Baltic Sea soon. I’m longing for opening the kayak season 2019.

3 comments to “Late March at the coast”

  1. Annika 2019-03-29 21:11

    Sieht eher so aus, als könnte man bald wieder baden!

  2. way-up-north 2019-03-29 21:15

    Ja, und ganz ohne aufgesägtes Eisloch.

  3. Johanna 2019-03-29 21:40

    Ist die Saison diesmal nicht kurz und harmlos gewesen ? Es ist Bemerkenswert
    wie kraftvoll der Frühling seinen Platz erobern möchte . Foto 1 ist doch ein Beweis dafür . Sehr schön ……

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