Greeting the winter – a kayak tour shorter than planned

I had planned it for days: today I wanted to paddle kayak – that’s a thing that I do much less often than I would like. The conditions for paddling were – well …

The sky was cloudy and it was snowing at temperatures around freezing. At least it was not too windy. Already at home I had put on my dry suit and neoprene boots. At the coast I completed my outfit with the mandatory life jacket plus neoprene gloves and hood. I even had ski goggles with me.

The sea between the island Storgrundet and mainland was calm as usual. I could however hear the loud noise of waves breaking at the outside of Storgrundet. I assumed, that the open sea could be rough – and so it was. As soon as I paddled around the western tip of the island I could see turf and breaking waves everywhere. The waves were steep and too short to lift the kayak. I just paddled through them – a wet pleasure and each wave tried to turn my boat parallel. I realised that the conditions were to hard for my kayaking abilities, managed to turn around and reach calm waters again.

Therefore I took a shorter tour round the island Brambärsgrundet where the sea was calm. I knew that paddling around the eastern tip could be a challenge. When I saw the waves and turf I decided to get off the kayak and pull it around wading through knee deep water. It was hard enough.

But the rest was easy as pie and I could make some photos from the boat without fearing of capsizing. Another snow shower approached.

The second photo is made through the ski goggles, that I didn’t need on this short tour. It was only 3½ km. But as always: I never regretted having been outside.

At the coast the snow on the grass and my car had started to melt away. Some hours later I drove into town. There it was slightly colder and 5 cm of wet snow had fallen. When I drove home in the evening the temperature had dropped to – 2 °C and the formerly wet snow in town had frozen and was crunching under my feet. Now it’s time again for winter boots.

5 comments to “Greeting the winter – a kayak tour shorter than planned”

  1. Annika 2019-10-27 22:22

    Diese spannende Zwischensaison! Und dann noch vom Wasser. :-)

  2. Johanna 2019-10-27 22:29

    Ahh, endlich Olaf – Season :-)

  3. Elijah 2019-10-27 23:38

    wow, just love the ski goggle pic-magical! And off course the kayaking pics with snow flakes! I went for a paddle on Steinhuder Meer yesterday, it was the last warm and sunny, but also quite windy day, it felt like being on the sea, well, the baltic one maybe :-) Enjoy your favorite season!

  4. Margrit Schneider 2019-10-28 11:06

    That was very adventurous with your kajak in the cold water. It would be better, you go by skiing. A suggestion of your old mother ! !

  5. way-up-north 2019-10-28 19:17

    Annika die ersten beiden Fotos sind vom Ufer gemacht. Beim Paddeln hatte ich anderes zu tun.

    Johanna precis :-)

    Elijah as long as the sea is not frozen I’ll continue paddling, but only in calm waters. I still have neither technique nor experience to deal with waves.

    Margrit Schneider I’m longing for skiing, but for that we need more snow than the 5 cm, that we have here.

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