12 + 31 + 29 + 31 + 13

Exactly five years ago I posted an article called “108 free days”. I was still working as an employer but I was on leave for a while with the result of having 108 days on vacation – almost the whole winter!

Yesterday was the last day of a quite tough project I was working on since early August. Today is my first free day and – if I do not change my mind – the start of en even longer period of free time. 116 days I have time for travelling, taking pictures and – finally – writing and publishing an online shop for my photo website.

Hopefully the weather will improve. Instead of the forecasted 6 cm of new snow we had freezing fog today and the last weeks were hardly better.

This weather makes it easier to say goodbye. Today Annika and I will take the night train to Stockholm Arlanda and then fly to Munich where it’s for sure that we won’t have a white Christmas. But after the holidays, when I’m back and want to travel through Northern Norway, Swedish and Finnish Lapland I hope for better weather. And snow more like this:

I’m sitting in the bus to Umeå and the fog has turned into rain. But I don’t care the weather. (Hopefully the bus driver and other car drivers do!) Now it’s visiting family and friends that matters!

Since I probably won’t post anything anymore this year I’ll wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

See you next year – in 2020!

4 comments to “12 + 31 + 29 + 31 + 13”

  1. Christine Körner 2019-12-20 19:04

    God jul and a happy new year to you and Annika as well. And we have lots of snow in Kirkenes :) Just come!

  2. Johanna 2019-12-20 21:49

    Habt eine friedvolle, erholsame Zeit mit der Familie und den Freunden!
    FROHE WEIHNACHTEN und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr!

  3. way-up-north 2019-12-22 07:45

    Christine Körner: Thank you, Chris. The same to Ørjan and you. And yes, perhaps I’ll come. Still waiting for the train Skellefteå—Kittilä—Kirkenes.

    Johanna: Vielen Dank. All das wünsche ich Dir auch!

  4. Margrit Schneider 2019-12-22 10:58

    Dear Olaf, I am very happy to see you and A. And have a good time with several friends.
    Yours Ma

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