Meanwhile in Skelleftehamn

It has been already a week, since I returned from my winter journey. I already blogged about my first ski tour with two German friends, soon I’ll blog about my ski tour with Annika, too.

Today the weather was sunny and quite warm. Due to the corona virus I try to avoid crowded places. Fortunately such places are nearby. One of them is the island Storgrundet, less than 2km from home. The ice between island and coast is thick, but on the other side there’s open water because most of the sea ice has vanished.

This is a nice place to enjoy the sun, ice and water.

And since I had my drysuit with me I could take that photo of a small ice cave standing in the sea.

Total time: 90 minutes. Recreational value: high.

Do you have such lonely places nearby? When did you visit them the last time? I’m looking forward to your comments.

One comment to “Meanwhile in Skelleftehamn”

  1. Johanna 2020-03-18 22:34

    Meine “Einsam-Orte” finde ich in unseren Wäldern . Wunderschöne Buchenwälder, Mischwald und viele versteckte Lichtungen. Dort findet man tausende Galmei-Veilchen , wilde Narzissen und viele andere Pflanzen.
    Es sind einfach auch sehr sehr schöne Orte . Und ich erhole mich dort ganz schnell……. aber ich bin umzingelt von Wald , hin und wieder ein Fernblick wäre schon toll.

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