Farewell Skelleftehamn

Sweden. Somewhere in the north. A little town called Skelleftehamn. A small street called Tallvägen. Street number 35. My house, that I named flygelvillan. The large living room. The left half with the grand piano and the computer. That has been a central place to me for many years.

At this place I wrote most of the blog articles of way-up-north.com. I worked. I planned my travels. I communicated. I looked out of the window when it snowed. I played on my grand piano. I rehearsed with a jazz trio and an opera singer. I composed and arranged for big band and chamber choir.

A central place.

Two days ago, on 15 May 2020 I left my house for good. It’s still mine but I’ll sell it this year.

Two days ago at 8 o’clock the large moving lorry arrived and five people started to carry all my belongings into the large car. First some furniture, then more than 150 boxes, pulka, kayak, skis and large bags with sleeping bags and down jackets. And finally my Yamaha grand piano.

The whole move took less than eight hours. Then my grand piano stood erected in the living room of Annika’s and my new house by the sea.

Shall I be sad because I left Skelleftehamn? Perhaps I should, but I’m not. The positive feelings about living together with Annika and having found such an extraordinary place to live dominate. I really have been looking forward to this new life and now it has become reality.

4 comments to “Farewell Skelleftehamn”

  1. Annika 2020-05-17 16:31

    Sowohl :-) als auch :-( . Auch mir hat die Flügelvilla einiges bedeutet. <3

  2. Johanna 2020-05-18 23:40

    Die Flügelvilla wurde ersetzt : jetzt habt ihr ein Palais l’Amour ! Was kann es schöneres geben?

  3. Margrit Schneider 2020-05-26 11:09

    Das Wichtigste für Euch: AnnikasMeerschweinchen und Dein Flügel haben den Umzug gut überstanden, wobei wohl Annikas Lieblinge leichter umzuziehen waren schon allein vom Gewicht her.Gute Zeit, Gruß Ma

  4. way-up-north 2020-05-28 09:36

    Die Meerschweinchen wurden aber auch privat in Annikas Auto umgezogen. Das wäre mit dem Flügel etwas schwerer geworden.

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