Wintry weekend in June

Friday, 5. June

At 16:00 I’m at the southern entrance of the University Hospital of Umeå to fetch Annika from work. We go for a weekend tour that we’ve planned for months. We want to drive the vildmarksvägen on the day of it’s opening. Most of this tourist route is open the whole year, but a part is closed more than half the year due to heavy snow.

Today’s destination: the small town Gäddede, where we have hired a tiny cabin on the campsite. The weather is grey but all birch leaves glow intensely. The Swedish weather forecast issued a level 2 warning for high flow but to our astonishment there is very little water in many lakes we pass. We pass even some reindeers, three moose and some black grouses.

Saturday, 6. June

After breakfast we drive along the lakes Kycklingsvattnet, Stor-Jorm and Lill-Jorm. The lakes are open and everything is green. In the distance there are snow covered mountains.

Ten minutes later it looks like this:

What happened? Time travel? No, we are just 200 metres higher than before and although its only 600 metres above sea level the conditions are still wintry here. From now on we travel between the seasons. Sometimes still winter, sometimes already spring. The small brooks and streams carry a lot of water, but most of the lakes are quite empty.

We leave the vildmarksvägen and turn left to pay the Norwegian border a short visit. Of course we are not allowed to cross it due to corona. So we turn our car back to the vildmarksvägen. We travel along some lakes, first partly frozen, then still ice covered until we come to a sudden stop.

A long line of cars, motor cycles and camper vans waits in front of us. They all wait for the opening of the closed passage. We leave our car and walk to the barrier, that will be opened at 12 o’clock.

After half an hour of waiting the barrier opens and the long line of cars starts to move. The next hours there’s a lot of stop-and-go, because people are just stopping and parking anywhere to take pictures making the vildmarksvägen a single file road. But nobody seems to be impatient or even angry, they all have come to see the large snow walls beside the road that tell a lot about last winters snow falls.

Annika and I climb up one of the walls to have a look to an old concrete hut marked with a red cross. We peek inside where we find first aid equipment. Is it still in use? Well, perhaps not, the dressing bandages were fabricated 1957.

And outside: winter landscapes with metre-high snow. We really regret that we have forgot to take our skis with us. Some others are smarter than we and ski through the white. Well,maybe next time …

After driving a bit back and forth we finally take the obligatory snow wall photos.

Sunday, 7. June

After an overnight stay in the rainy Saxnäs we head back home. While there is some old snow left in Saxnäs the Swedish inland is free of snow. As on the trip there some of the lakes have very low water levels. I could stroll there for hours but we want to arrive early home in Obbola und so I only take two shorter strolls to take some pictures.

After some hours of driving, a lunch break in Lycksele and another two hours of driving we arrive home in Obbola in the afternoon. Thank you Annika for a fantastic weekend trip.

5 comments to “Wintry weekend in June”

  1. Johanna 2020-06-09 15:03

    Ganz bestimmt ein tolles Erlebnis ! Mir gefallen die Fotos Frozen lake 1 u 2 besonders gut. Und natürlich die Schneewände…….ich kann es kaum glauben :-)
    Wie lange bleibt diese Schneemenge schätzungsweise ? LG

  2. Margrit Schneider 2020-06-09 17:34

    I did never hear of such landscape. Ice and snow in june. And the gigantic walls of snow. Insanity and a great experience. Yours Ma HB

  3. way-up-north 2020-06-11 07:18

    Johanna das weiß ich auch nicht. Ich nehme an, dass das meiste innerhalb der nächsten zwei Monate wegschmelzen wird.

    Margrit Schneider the vildmarksvägen is known for large amounts of snow in winter. As you see on the photos we were not alone to share this experience.

  4. Ulrich 2020-06-19 13:59

    Morgen ist doch Mittsommerfest in Schweden und somit heute der Mittsommerabend, wo gefeiert wird. Gibt es keinen Artikel heute?

  5. way-up-north 2020-06-20 07:49

    Doch schon, Ulrich, allerdings nur ein paar Blumenfotos. Zum ersten sind größere Feiern wegen der Pandemie nicht empfehlenswert, zum anderen habe ich (und tausend andere) schon genug über Mittsommer geschrieben.

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