The first day in spring

The sky is blue, the air is calm.  Today we will get the first two-digit temperatures of the year.

Scene 1: excursion

After having breakfast outside Annika and I go to the fishing harbour Rovögern hamn by car. It’s pre-season and Kvarkenfisk, the local fish restaurant with sale is still closed. Directly to the west lies the island Rovögern. A woman picks up some guests by boat. We have a look at the small cabins by the sea, stroll along the coast and through the forest. We take a picnic on the wooden terrace by the harbour (frugal, since we forgot the buns at home). It’s a nice place and we have to come back again, when Kvarkenfisk is open.

Scene 2: flower spotting

I drag my kayak from the garden to the coast. For that I have to cross 40 metres of wetland. I lay the kayak upside down and to tie up to a large rock. Now it’s even easier to take a short (or longer) kayak trip. I clean the wetland from the flotsam and jetsam of the winter floods. A tire with an attached rope used as a swing, driftwood, a small buoy, a railroad crosstie too heavy to lift. While cleaning I find the first spring flower home. A white crocus in full bloom.

Scene 3: winter bathing

Just before preparing dinner we head to the beach of Vitskärsudden for a winter bath. The shortcut on foot is still flooded, so we take the bicycles and the longer way. The smooth surface of the sea looks like silk and it looks beautiful to swim through it. Of course the water is still cold– hardly above zero – but the air is warm and there is no wind. So Annika and I do not have to hurry to dry off and throw us into clothes again. We are not the only swimmers. This winter the place has become quite popular.

Scene 4: paddling

After dinner I paddle round the islet Lillskär. It’s less than a kilometre. Special today: Since I keep close to the land I dare to paddle with “everyday clothes”. What a delight, to glide almost effortlessly through the water and to be able to move the arms naturally without fighting against the stiff neoprene of my waterproof rescue suit that I used the last times.

Bonus: Annika managed to take a picture of me through the old spyglass that we normally use to passing ships, watch seabirds or other animals.


2 comments to “The first day in spring”

  1. Margrit Schneider 2021-04-20 17:53

    Dear O +A
    That is real a wonderful place you live. Enjoy your common time. Springtime is a wonderful season.
    I am sitting in our garden in sunshine too.
    Annika, how could you make this round photo?
    What is Kvarkenfish yours Ma

  2. Annika 2021-04-20 22:10

    Das mit dem Foto weiß ich auch nicht. Hab das Telefon vor das Fernglas gehalten und so lange hin- und hergewackelt, bis ich Olaf sah. Meistens war er dann schon wieder aus dem Bild gepaddelt, wenn ich abdrücken wollte. Aber ein paar haben geklappt.
    Kvarkenfisk ist ein Fischrestaurant und Konferenzveranstalter hier in der Nähe am Meer. Wir wollten da eigentlich das Weihnachtsbuffet essen im Dezember, aber Corona hatte eigene Ideen….

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