Moving – Tromsø style

Today I move within Tromsø in a quite special way …

I moved long distances as from Munich to Skelleftehamn (2230 km) and shorter distances as from Essen Möserstraße to Droysenstraße (1 km). Now I have to move again.

My former landlord will sell the apartment where I lived when working in Tromsø. Therefore I had to find a new “work base camp”. And I found it, a flat of 30 m².

The first photo shows the old place, the second one the new place.

In case you do not know all houses on southern Tromsøya and you’re wondering what the pulka sled is about I’ll show you another photo:

That’s how I move today! By chance the new flat lies just on the other side of the street and I do not need my car. Weather and snow are fine and pulling banana boxes on the pulka works like a charm, especially since almost all my books, records, the grand piano and much more is in Annika’s and my house in Obbola in Sweden. So it’s mostly basic stuff and a lot of winter and outdoor equipment to move. I can take it easy and will be ready this evening anyhow.

I love moving like this!

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  1. Johanna 2022-02-15 22:25

    Tolle Methode:-) bist jetzt 30 Meter schneller im Institut….:-)

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