Two mountain peaks at the weekend

My wife Annika has arrived in Tromsø on Friday. The weather forecast looked quite well for Saturday (and only for Saturday), so we took the car to the island Hillesøya – the westernmost part of Kvaløya – and went up the mountain Nordkollen (214 m). To our surprise the ascent was mostly secured with a thick rope because it was rocky and pretty steep. We hiked a round trip via the subsidiary summits Sørkollen and Storbergan and back by the sea. We got less sun than expected but at least hardly any rain.

Yesterday we hiked again, this time with a colleague of mine and his family. And this tour was very rainy and we got quite wet. While the others started going back, my colleague and I reached the top of the Blåkollen (461 m) and had even some minutes without rain.


2 comments to “Two mountain peaks at the weekend”

  1. Ulrich 2022-08-22 15:13

    Hallo Olaf,

    wann gibt es neue Bilder?

  2. way-up-north 2022-08-28 09:37

    Hi Ulrich.

    Ich war auf Tour. Heute oder die nächsten Tage kommen neue Artikel.

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