A starry night

Today evening I met with my colleague Marika. We took the car to a road on the mainland looking for a dark place to spot the comet C/2022 E3. And we did, although it was only a weak, soft spot high up in the sky. I was much too impatient to take photos. I know that my equipment is not made for astrophotography.

But I was glad to be outside under the stars, watching the moonlit snowy mountains and the frost covered trees that glittered brightly when a car passed. With -15 °C it was surprisingly cold, almost ten degree colder than in town.

Of course I did take some other photos, just from the surroundings.

Now I hope for more starry nights.

2 comments to “A starry night”

  1. Edgar 2023-02-17 12:16

    Wow Olaf,

    thanks a lot for sharing the exceptional beauty of the north.
    Your fotos are absolutely breathtaking … you are such a skilled photographer!
    Visiting your blog is pure pleasure.

    greets from Munich,
    (we worked together in the burdastyle.de project back in 2009)

  2. way-up-north 2023-02-17 18:30

    Thanks Edgar!

    Oh wow – Burda Style – that has been a long time and one of the last projects I participated before I moved to Sweden less than half a year later.

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