Colder days in Longyearbyen

This article is part of the series “2023-03: Svalbard”.

Two days ago on 14 March 2023 it started getting colder in Longyearbyen. Yesterday temperatures were around -19 °C, today around -21 °C.

Yesterday I took a walk after work and took some photos with my tiny Sony camera that worked surprisingly good in the cold when being kept warm.

While light was beautiful yesterday, today it was magic. After work I went to my apartment. Round about 15 minutes later I left it with all my camera gear and went to the shore. Due to the interface between the open water and the cold air ice fog covered large parts of the Adventfjorden. While I looked for good places to take photos the setting sun and the altering fog changed the mood every minute. Extraordinary beautiful!

Like the days before the sunset colours on the snow covered mountains became warmer and warmer until they reached a delicate but intense purple shade while the sunlit parts rose higher and higher until only the tops stayed in the sun.

Remember, these photos were not taken in the wilderness, I’m in the settlement Longyearbyen and my apartment lies just 500 metre from the nearest photo spot.

As already mentioned today’s temperatures were round -21 °C. With a moderate breeze of 6 m/s that felt like -32 °C. Pretty cold and the ice fog didn’t make it warmer.


3 comments to “Colder days in Longyearbyen”

  1. Johanna 2023-03-16 21:20

    “Freezing Artic 1-4 : einfach wunderschön!
    Fast könnte man denken, der Nebel trägt die Berge. Tolle Bilder und sehr schöne Stimmung LG

  2. Johanna 2023-03-16 22:11

    Kleines “c” schicke ich hinterher:-)

  3. way-up-north 2023-03-16 22:28

    Für “Arctic”? Ich lese sehr oft “Artic”, vielleicht weil man es auch so aussprechen kann, aber hat man wohl früher auch so geschrieben.

    Wikipedia: /ˈɑːrtɪk/ or /ˈɑːrktɪk/

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