The last way to work by the sea

As most days I walked to work today. It’s 2–2.5 km one-way depending on the route. Sometimes I am lazy and just follow the main road, but today I took the longer route by the sea.

7:09 – I come to the part of the way that is flooded sometimes. Today I’m lucky. I don’t wear boots but shoes with spikes because the roads and pavements are icy.

11:51 – an early lunch. After some grey days the sky is clear again and in the south you see the colours of the sun. The sun itself is below the horizon.

13:45 – today I go leave early.  Later I’ll work a bit from home. Since it is early it is not really dark yet. The sky is still blue and there is a golden spot at the southern sky.

I love this way and I will miss it, because it probably was the last time that I went to work here today. Next week I’m first on vacation and then I’ll move to a larger apartment within Tromsø. It has a bedroom, a real kitchen and even a balcony. I’m so looking forward to moving in but I’ll miss my way to work by the sea.

2 comments to “The last way to work by the sea”

  1. Ulrich 2023-12-12 19:34

    Beim dem weiten Weg zur Arbeit solltest du froh sein, vor allem bei der Kälte.
    Warum fährst du nicht mit dem Auto zur Arbeit?

  2. way-up-north 2023-12-15 07:42

    Ich geniesse den Weg. Da habe ich selten Motivation, das Auto zu benutzen.

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