Just a normal winter

Living at the coast of the Bothnian Bay, the most northern part of the Baltic Sea can be a bit surprising, when it comes to weather. Let’s take the weather one year ago, for example. January started with rain falling on the frozen ground and the roads where so slippery that you hardly could use the car, even with spiked tyres on it. (German article: “Eisflächen”). One week later we had a lake effect in Skelleftehamn and got 83 cm of snow on bare ground within 24 hours! The city Skellefteå, hardly 20 kilometres away got a millimetre! (German articles: “Schneekanonen 2014”).

Just now we have winter. Just winter. It’s -5 °C – not too warm, not too cold. There a 30 cm of snow in the backyard – not very much but not very little neither. And it has been snowing for almost two days, not much, but anyway. That’s what the Swedes call lagom, a word that’s perhaps translated best with “just the right amount”.

The high water mark of the Baltic Sea sank from +104 cm to +40 cm within the last days, leaving the beach of Storgrundet covered with ice and fresh fallen snow making the high water completely invisible.

The lake Snesviken is covered with ice and snow, too and parts of the old boat that I photographed two month ago have been vanished in snow as well. The sky is grey and the trees on the other side of the lake look a bit blurred since it is still snowing. Not much, just lagom.

I’ve been ill since sunday but today is the first day where I feel better. Tomorrow I’ll start with the last preparations for the tour and I planned to depart on next Wednesday, the 14th. I’m really looking forward to travel way up north and will hopefully provide you with many articles and photos – as long as my laptop doesn’t freeze do death.

2 comments to “Just a normal winter”

  1. Sylvia 2015-01-10 18:56

    Pack auf jeden Fall Dich und den Laptop warm ein und behandele Dein Auto liebevoll – das ist dann schon mehr als die halbe Miete.Ich bin sehr gespannt auf Deine Reiseeindrücke und wünsche Dir viel Spass, spannende Erlebnisse und allzeit gutes Licht. Wann etwa wirst Du zurückkommen?

  2. way-up-north 2015-01-12 16:10

    Werde ich machen, Silvia. Das Auto hat noch ein, zwei Wehwehchen, die in der Werkstatt morgen repariert werden sollen. Dann ist bald alles klar.

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