Greetings from Kittilä airport

I woke up quite early today and this was my view:

Yesterday I drove to Kittilä in Finnisch Lapland, because I’ll stay in a cabin in Äkäslompolo for a week with Annika and a friend of hers. Since they planned to take the first morning flight from Helsinki today they will arrive at 7:30. I decided to drive the day before and sleep at the airport. The airport has some short but comfortable-looking couches. However the last flight went at 23:50 and I was already tired at eight o’clock. Therefore I decided to sleep in the car. I was awake in the night twice and quite early in the morning again hearing the snow ploughs shovelling away the two centimetres of snow that fell in the night. I tried to continue to sleep, but the beep-sounds of the backing ploughs kept me awake.

40 minutes left before the plane is going to land. The trip to Äkäslompolo ist not far, just 50 kilometres. I’m longing for the cabin – and some additional day time nap.

The photo above shows the luv side of the car and that’s the lee side:

3 comments to “Greetings from Kittilä airport”

  1. MaHB 2015-03-30 11:34

    Hello, Olaf, I wish you and your friends enough and good snow for skiing excursions! Take care of your bones!!
    Have a good time. Ma HB
    In HB it’s raining again and again.

  2. Elijah 2015-03-31 09:36

    For cases like this I always carry my silicon-ear-protection-plugs with me – no snow plough should disturb your sleep.

  3. way-up-north 2015-03-31 19:19

    Ma HB: We got a lot snow but it’s quite wet, not ideal for cross country skiing, but fun anyway.

    Elijah: I have earplugs with me, too, but I do not like to sleep with them.

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