Storberget – “The big mountain!” A bit more than 90 meters high, which sounds completely ridiculous, if you live in Norway, near the alps or another place that has real, big mountains. But Storberget is a mountain, too, with a lot of rocks, a small ravine and a view on the near Baltic Sea and some islands. And it’s near, just fifteen minutes by car and a walk through the forest.

2 comments to “Storberget”

  1. Ma HB 2015-06-22 19:28

    Olaf, when I visit you next week, I would like to see this mountain. Or is it to dangerous for an elder woman? Yours Ma HB

  2. way-up-north 2015-06-23 07:08

    I have to check, if there is a way up the hill, Ma HB. I just went through the forest without any path which is not so easy.

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