On the way to Å

This article is part of the series “2015-07: Lofoten and Vesterålen”.

Day one

Å is not only the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet, it’s the name of some places, too. The probably most known  is Å i Lofoten, the southmost village of the Lofoten islands.

Delle, a German friend of mine and I started the tour last Saturday. The only plan was to take the car, drive to Bodø and take a ferry to the Lofoten islands, the same day or the other day.

The weather in Skelleftehamn was fine but in Arjeplog, where we made a lunch break it started to rain. We continued our trip to Bodø over the mountains. They were wrapped in clouds and were still partly covered with snow.

17:30 we arrived in Bodø, just in time to get the ferry to Moskenes on the Lofoten. Normally I love to be outside all the time when I’m on a ship but this time the sky was so grey that you hardly could see anything. The Lofoten with its more than 1200 meter high mountains came in sight just some minutes before we arrived.

We left the ferry with Delle’s car and drove the 5 km to Å, where it rained so much, that we decided not to put up our tent but to sleep in the car. I put on my rain cloth and made a short evening walk but soon returned to the car. The only pictures I made that evening were the fish heads on the wooden racks drying in the salty wind.

2 comments to “On the way to Å”

  1. Sylvia 2015-08-01 20:32

    Auf den Lofoten zu sein und Regenwetter zu haben, das ist wirklich mehr als schade, das ist Sch…… Hoffentlich bessert sich das, weil ich a) es Euch von Herzen gönne und b) weil ich doch so gerne tolle Fotos von meiner Lieblingsinsel sehen möchte. Ich bin gespannt und sende liebe Grüße auf die Lofoten

  2. way-up-north 2015-08-01 21:56

    Der zweite Tag war ja schon besser, Silvia.

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