A short trip to Arvidsjaur – Starter

This article is part of the series “2015-12: Short trip to Arvidsjaur”.

On the day after Christmas Annika and I thought about making a short trip to the “inland” where weather is colder and snow depth is bigger. What about Arvidsjaur for example where I’ve been six weeks before. It’s only two hours away. We looked for a room to stay overnight but we weren’t lucky in finding a room that was (a) affordable, (b) nice and (c) free.

Therefore I asked on Facebook if someone would have a tip or even better a stuga – a cottage. Ten minutes later Pär, a friend in Skellefteå, answered and offered us his private stuga for as long as we want to stay. What a great offer!

The next day we packed the car with warm cloths, food, snow shoes, camera equipment, bed clothes and a lot of water (which the stuga lacks) and drove to Arvidsjaur. Round 9:30 we arrived and were glad that neighbours already started the main heating, since it was -12 °C outside. After unpacking the car and switching on the others electric radiators we made a short trip by foot. Days are still short – 3 hours, 12 minutes this day – and as short was our trip. Mostly we walked in the shadow of the pine trees, first on the small road, than on a snowmobile track, but sometimes the low sun shimmered through a gap in the trees.

When we stood at the lake we could see Arvidsjaurs local tree-covered mountain with some ski slopes cut into the wood. Left of it was another mountain, that was completely treeless and snow covered. It looked quite high. How far it might be? Round the corner or many miles away? We planned to check this the next day.

Evening was calm – inside as outside. Stars twinkled above the frozen and snow covered lake right behind the house. The next photo is taken from the terrace. The photo reveals to types of light that were invisible in real life: The pink gleam of Arvidsjaur and a the greenish glow of a very faint polar light.

3 comments to “A short trip to Arvidsjaur – Starter”

  1. Steffi 2016-01-27 15:15

    Hej Olaf,
    Quite a while ago we started to read your Blog at first the german one and now this one. We love your Blog and the great photos. We dont have much snow here in north germany even more its great to look at your photos.
    Anywhy I really have to write a commet because we have been in Slagnäs last weekend. Its about 50 km in the west from Arvidsjaur. And what can I say, it was great. We so do understand why you are living in north sweden. Every photograph must have seen skellefteälven and north sweden in winter.
    We wish you a really good winter 2016. Ha det bra

  2. way-up-north 2016-01-27 15:29

    Hej Steffi,

    I’ve never been in Slagsnäs (or at least I never stopped). I guess, you were very lucky with the weather. Today we have +1 °C and snow starts to sink down.

    Where in Northern Germany do you live? I’m originally from Bremen.

  3. Steffi 2016-01-31 16:28

    Hej Olaf,
    The cold white winter is actually only one of the reasons why we are thinking about moving to north sweden.
    We are living about 20 km away from Bremen in O-becks city :-)) Thats funny, how long have you been living there?
    Kinds regards and have a nice hopefully cold sunday

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