Just a photo through the window

Today it was just a fine winter day. Last week was warm and cloudy, with wet snow showers and drizzle. Parts of the little amount of snow, that we got this year melted away. But last weekend it snowed. As a matter of fact it snowed so much, that some of the planes to Skellefteå were cancelled and round 30 of the participants of the Winter Swimming Championship couldn’t join.

On the other side it’s always nice with fresh, white snow, at least in my opinion. From Friday to Sunday we got round 25 – 30 cm and it needs only 20 other centimetres to hide the fence in my backyard.

But I won’t witness it, if more snow came the next week. Tomorrow (more precise: in tome hours, it gotta be a short night!) I will take the bus to Skellefteå, another bus to Luleå, the train to Kiruna and probably a lift to Nikkaluokta, where I’ll start a ski tour on the Kungsleden:


I’ll be offline for some weeks. Now I just hope for good weather, because I want to make many photos. Wish me luck!


3 comments to “Just a photo through the window”

  1. Sandra 2016-02-18 07:28

    … I wish you a lot of good luck… !

    Have a nice time, enjoye also everithing an take care…

    Bye Sandra

  2. Christiane 2016-02-18 08:01

    Good luck, good weather, lots of snow!

  3. way-up-north 2016-03-03 10:48

    Thank you, Sandra and Christiane. I had a great tour and will post some articles within the next days.

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