Where are we – Annika and I? In the Arctic on our way to the North Pole?  Looking for polar bears?

Well, not really! We’re on the frozen Baltic Sea on our way to the island Gåsören, enjoying the blue sky and the warm sun.

But we didn’t only enjoy the warmth of the sun, but the warmth of the sauna, too – even if we didn’t fire it as hot as it should be for a real sauna experience.

We were not the only ones on the ice of the Baltic Sea yesterday.

There were ski tracks and skiers.

There were snowmobile tracks and snowmobile drivers.

There were moose tracks …

… and there were moose on the ice, too. Far, far away, but clearly visible.

“vårvinter” means “spring winter” and describes this season, where the land is still covered with snow and ice, but the temperatures aren’t longer as cold as in January or February.

2 comments to “Vårvinter”

  1. Geertje 2016-03-13 19:55

    I Wish I was…. so in love with vårvinter! tack för bilderna! Geertje

  2. way-up-north 2016-03-17 10:15

    Geertje: The last days have been really warm – more than +10 °C and much snow has already melted away. I prefer the vårvinter with temperatures below zero.


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