I do ski tours with pulka in Lapland, I paddle in the wintertime, people following my blog must think, that I’m quite sporting and athletic.

Hahaha! Hahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

I’m not kidding. My weight is way more than average, my condition is poor and some of my muscles show less activity than a sloth hanging in a tree.

The good thing: It’s possible to change substandard fitness and that’s one of my big issues for 2017. I started to exercise daily – not much yet, it’s more to get used to it than to optimise training – and I started to do cross-country skiing. Kind of real cross-country skiing.

Normally when I ski I take my fjällskidor – my nordic touring skis – and go my own way through nature. This is great for outdoor experiences but it’s more like going for a walk than like something you could seriously call “sport”. On the other side I have to admit that I found skiing in a readymade cross-country ski trail always quite boring.

Well, it’s not boring any longer when you try to be faster. Beside of my poor condition I realised  that my ski technique is quite basic, too. That’s why I started cross-country ski school in Skellefteå this week. Hopefully they will help me improving my technique. Of course we have to train by ourselves between the lessons.

There are worse things than practising skiing when the weather is as fine as it was this weekend: Blue sky, hardly a breeze and temperatures round -15 °C. Perfect conditions! So Annika and I tried some ski trails in and round Umeå. I really liked Olles spår, which is round 10 km and extremely easy terrain. When we arrived yesterday morning we looked at the parking place. It was stuffed with cars and skiers seemed to be anywhere – waxing the skis, warming up, preparing. We learned that there was a competition on Olles spår but that we could use it anyway. And so we did.

I tried to use better technique and to be faster as usual, which was both exhausting and refreshing. For the first time in my life I had the feeling I would do some cross-country skiing instead of taking a promenade just with skis attached to my feet. Anyway, most of the people were twice as fast with half the effort.

Much room for improvement …

Today we looked for ski trails round Strömbäck-Kont which I like for the beautiful scenery. Anyway we didn’t find a good one. The first place didn’t have a ski trail at all, the second place had one, but it was quite poor, since there was much less snow than in the town of Umeå. So we continued to the forest Stadsliden, and checked one of the trails there. Really nice, too, especially since it is in the city zone of Umeå. There were many skiers too but it never felt crowded.

And now to something completely different: The Baltic Sea starts to freeze over again. I had been ice covered before this winter but strong winds broke the ice cover apart.

I had a look in Skelleftehamn this evening and could see the moon was reflected on a thin layer of blank ice covering the Baltic Sea. The same view in Strömbäck-Kont some hours earlier: Ice covered rock coast and a thin layer of fresh sea ice – less than two days old – stretching from shore to the horizon.

So: no paddling tomorrow, it’s winter.

6 comments to “Sport”

  1. Ingela 2017-01-15 22:33

    Jag tyckte också att längdåkning i spår var tråkigt värre. Det var på den tiden man var tvungen till det, i skolgymnastiken. Men jag har ändrat mej, precis som du. Trevligast är det förstås med åkning som kombinerar naturupplevelse och fina spår. Har ni lust att komma hit nån helg för att testa åkning häromkring så är det bara att höra av sej. Där jag bor nu finns det en fin hyresgästlokal med övernattningsmöjlighet för gäster och om jag bjuder in er kan jag boka lokalen. Så hör av er om det passar nån gång. Här finns fina spår i Tjamstanterrängen, ett spår runt sjön som ligger sju minuters väg från min lägenhet och sen går det förstås att åka ungefär var som helst med terrängskidor. Vill man prova på utförsåkning så finns det backar av alla svårighetsgrader i Tjamstan – även för nybörjare om det skulle vara så.

  2. Geertje 2017-01-16 08:50

    Ich würde das auch so gerne mal trainieren, schon die paar Vornittage, die ich in den Spuren von Vuokatti unterwegs war, machen einfach süchtig. Viel Spaß euch weiterhin beim Trainieren! Lg aus dem Süden

  3. Christiane 2017-01-16 15:54

    cross country skiing is the very best sport ever! no concentrating on a way, the ski just follow the trail, wonderful fresh air, full body movement, either silent woods or wide landscape or snow from above and around… perfect for relaxing and doing sports at the same time. And very good for exercising…☺

  4. way-up-north 2017-01-17 09:46

    Hej Ingela och tack för inbjudan! Skulle vara roligt att komma hit men de nästa 7(!) helgar är vi redan upptagna. Mest med roliga saker men upptagna ändå.

    Hallo Geertje, Du bist doch so oft im Norden unterwegs, da müsste sich doch hier und da eine weitere Gelegenheit bieten, sich auf LL-Ski zu stellen.
    Schöne Grüße zurück in den Süden, wo immer das gerade sein mag.

    Hei Christiane,
    I agree. Are there nice cross-country ski trails round Kirkenes?

  5. Christiane 2017-01-21 09:06

    Hei Olaf, I can recommend very nice trails in the Black Forest ☺ … and a challenging trail in Tromsö. No tour to Kirkenes yet…

  6. way-up-north 2017-01-21 09:24

    Oops Christiane, it just mixed up your name with another person ;-)

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