Winter on the Vesterålen

This article is part of the series “2017-02: Northern Norway”.

I’m sitting in a small mobile home in Nordnes near Røkland, Saltdalen, Norway. This morning Annika and I left Haukenes on the Vesterålen, where we had visited friends for some days. It had been gorgeous days, not only because it’s always fun to visit friends, but because of the fabulous winter weather we got those days.


Last friday we left the Hurtigruten ship in Stokmarknes that we entered in Vardø two days before. My friends told us that there hadn’t been any snow one week before, but since then almost half a meter snow had fallen and snowfall hadn’t stopped yet.


It snowed another ten centimetres the night and it continued snowing in the morning.

Sometimes the Norwegian weather forecast is right and so it was this day: As predicted it cleared up and promised to be a nice and sunny day later on. Annika and I took our skis and joined J. and B. together with Frits, the dog, on a ski promenade right behind their house . J. and B. returned after a while, we continued through the forest to the boggy valley Dalmyra over which we returned. Two small streams we had to cross with our skis but they were narrow enough to be crossable without problems.

Back again I looked at the snowy mountain range of the Lofoten that you can see from my friends house. The sinking sun changed colours of the snowy peaks every moment, from bright white to pale yellow, to “peach”, to orange, to colour shades I’m not able to name.


Another sunny day awaited us. Annika and I planned to ascend the Hovden, a mountain, not high (285 – 323 m) but steep. So we left home our skis and took snowshoes, first to hike on snow covered ways and paths to Marka, were we went up the Hovden. Phew, that was quite exhausting.

Annika went back while I continued a bit, first along the waymarks, then using my GPS.

I just love being above the treeline in Norway, where the view is wide and includes snow covered mountains and solitary trees just as blue coloured open fjords.

I descended the top and came to the small lake, where I took a break with water and „Kvikk Lunsj“ chocolate.

The descend from the lake was far from being optimal, I chose a very steep passage and it took a while and some concentration until I was on sea level again, were I walked back to my friends house, first on a minor road, than across a snow covered bog.


I might bore you, but even this day the weather was fantastic. Annika and I followed a tip of J., took the car to Sandnes and skied to Årneset, a place by the bay Årnesbukta. Here’s a cosy cabin were you can seek shelter, when weather is bad and a row of beautiful sandy beaches. I never ever skied along sandy beaches and open water and I really enjoyed this ski premiere.


Our last day on the Vesterålen and guess what: Weather was great again! Anyway I was quite lazy, so Annika and I didn’t use skis or snow shoes but the car to drive round the southern part of the island Langøya on which my friends – now our friends – live. Some impressions:

That was our last day on the Vesterålen. Thank you, J. and R. for your hospitality. I hope, you’ll visit us in Sweden someday. You’re more than welcome!

Tomorrow we’ll continue our return journey, first 40 km to the Norwegian—Swedish border, than round 380 km home to Skelleftehamn.


6 comments to “Winter on the Vesterålen”

  1. Elijah 2017-03-02 10:16

    Not bored at all!!!
    I just love watching and reading about your Vesteralen days!
    Wonderful pics and descriptions. It feels like having a wee jaunt to the beautiful artic winter while being in greyish northern germany. What was written inside your Kvikk Lunsj? I love that is it used for paedagogical matters..
    Wonderful wintry beaches!
    Enjoy your trip in Norway!

  2. way-up-north 2017-03-03 09:40

    What is a wee jaunt, Elijah?

    I didn’t check this Kvikk Lunsj tour, I think it was far, far in the south, perhaps even Oslo.

  3. Ricarda 2017-03-04 15:49

    Klasse Bilder von einer traumhaften Landschaft !!
    Nordnorwegen mal im Winter erleben zu dürfen steht auch noch auf
    meiner (ellenlangen) Wunschzielliste :-)
    Schönes Wochenende noch !

  4. way-up-north 2017-03-04 17:17

    Das ist schon ein Ritt von der Telemark nach Nordnorge. Wenn Du nach Kirkenes unterwegs sein solltest und nicht ab Bergen die Hurtigruten nehmen solltest, kämest Du aber quasi bei mir vorbei. Sag Bescheid, ich habe ein Gästezimmer.

  5. Elijah 2017-03-09 19:33

    das war wohl schottisch=ein kleiner Ausflug

  6. way-up-north 2017-03-09 19:37

    Danke für die Aufklärung, Elijah.

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