Spring birds and spring flowers

Two days ago I took the car to Umeå, 130 km south from Skellefteå. Last time I was there in January and it was winter. This time it was springtime. Nevertheless, more than half of the ground was still snow covered in Skelleftehamn and Bureå. But while I was driving southwards the scenery slowly changed. More and more snow free meadows and grasslands showed up. The grass is still brown and huge water puddles cover the lower parts.

In Lövånger I saw a lot of birds on the meadows and made a short stop to photo some of them. No great shots but it shows some of the most common migratory birds that already had arrived here.

(click on the images to see the bird’s names in English, Swedish, and German.)

South from Lövånger there was hardly any snow left, it remained only in ditches, in the shadow of forests and on some northern slopes – everywhere where there’s less sun. Still the landscape looked a bit dull, for nor the birches neither the other plants had got leaves.

Some hours later. Annika has ended her working day and we walk along the river Umeälven, which is free of ice. Only some small ice floes drift on the surface that mirrors the blue sky.

On the other side of the way along the river there’s a southwards slope. And here many spring flowers, not only tussilago are blooming. I counted six different flower types on the walk into the center of Umeå. Here they come:

(again, click on the images to see the flower names. Hopefully there are correct)

4 comments to “Spring birds and spring flowers”

  1. Johanna 2018-04-29 09:19

    Jetzt steht dem Sommer ja nichts mehr im Weg. ….Ich freue mich darauf ! Kann dann vieles selber sehen :-)
    LG für Euch O u A

  2. Annika 2018-04-29 09:49

    Dann sind es aber sehr andere Blumen, Johanna. :-D Und vielleicht sogar schon Blaubären!!!

  3. Johanna 2018-04-29 10:47

    Freue mich auf blaue Bären :-D

  4. Ulrich 2018-04-29 21:09

    Nur noch ein paar Tage und auch in Skelleftea beginnt der Frühling.

    Und für die Naschkatze Johanna habe ich hier ein paar blaue Bärchen.

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