Inside the Snowhotel Kirkenes

This article is part of the series “2019-02: Northern Norway”.

After two great snowshoes tours I took it easy today. I went to the Snowhotel Kirkenes nearby, took some photos of the huskies, that didn’t have to work, visited an acquaintance who works in one of the restaurants and went inside the Snowhotel itself. I’ve been there before, but since the hotel is rebuild from scratch every year it looks always different.

Which photo of the lobby do you prefer? The first one, where the room is empty or the last one with the blurred people in it?

4 comments to “Inside the Snowhotel Kirkenes”

  1. Johanna 2019-02-14 21:14

    Das letzte Foto der Lobby finde ich besser weil die verschwommenen Personen zur surrealen Umgebung passen .LG :-)

  2. Andreas 2019-02-15 18:48

    Puh, das ist schwer. Ich stimme Johannas Argument zwar zu, aber meine erste spontane Entscheidung war ganz knapp zugunsten des ersten Bildes. Man sieht mehr Details (der Winkel ist für meinem Laiengeschmack besser). Aber das mit der surrealen Wirkung (und auch der Versinnbildlichung des Flüchtigen, Vergänglichen) – doch, ja, damit hat Johanna schon Recht.

    Ist das im Hintergrund übrigens Roald Amundsen?

  3. Margrit Schneider 2019-02-16 18:56

    Dear Olaf, my decision is not easy. I think both photos belongs together. Nr.1 shows me quiet, Nr 5 with visitors I find is restlessness.
    So I can not say, this is better than the other. Your decision, what you like.
    May be, that I would choose Nr.1 because of quiet !
    Yours Ma

  4. way-up-north 2019-02-18 19:06

    Johanna, Andreas and Margrit Schneider

    Thanks for your answers. I agree with Andreas: I prefer the perspective of the 1st image. I agree with Johanna: I like the surreality of the 2nd version as well. And I agree with Margrit, I usually prefer calmer images with not too much information.

    Ack, it’s not easy …

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