Colours above the Luleälven

Yesterday evening. We are at Storbacken near Vuollerim in Norrbotten, where we visit friends. They live in a house by the large river Luleälven. It’s a bit chilly outside but we still sit there, enjoy the fresh air and try to ignore the first mosquitoes.

I haven’t planned to take pictures but the warm evening light on the forest on the other side of the river becomes more and more intense. Two whooper swans paddle along the river. And finally, half an hour later there appears a rainbow and hovers above the Luleälven like a huge airy bridge. Beautiful!

This morning. I sit in the living room while the fire in the fireplace warms up the room. Outside it’s 3.5 °C and it has been raining the whole night and the whole morning. That’s two of the many sides of Sápmi, the region of the Sámi people.

3 comments to “Colours above the Luleälven”

  1. Margrit Schneider 2019-05-31 17:40

    Wonderful , a rainbow over the stream. Can I order this, when I visit you ??

  2. way-up-north 2019-05-31 22:21

    I’ll give it a try ;-)

  3. Ulrich 2019-06-03 13:41

    Hallo, ich schaue wieder mal vorbei.
    Wie schön, dass dort oben der Frühling gerade erst beginnt. Passend dazu ein paar schöne Bilder, vor allem der Regenbogen.

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