Polar light at Tuesday night.

Thanks to a phone conversation with my wife Annika I was wandering around the apartment in Tromsø. I watched Orion rise behind the mountains and a faint something above. The something was a weak polar light. Within short time the aurora intensified and while I was walking to the shore I could see it moving over the whole celestial sphere. When I arrived at the shore some minutes later it already had weakened a lot (so typical!) and the violet parts were gone. Anyhow it was still a beautiful polar light worth being photographed.


4 comments to “Polar light at Tuesday night.”

  1. Annika Kramer 2021-12-01 13:59

    Hach :-) <3
    Weihnachten. Bald.

  2. way-up-north 2021-12-01 15:49

    Ja. Bald!

  3. Margrit Schneider 2021-12-04 19:59

    So fantastic photos – the green sky. Yours Ma

  4. way-up-north 2021-12-04 21:06

    Thank you, Ma!

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